EMB = EM book, c=call, number=verse

a,EMb1-4,the, AFc0, the, AFc5,the PEOALc2,the, OPc1, the, Oc3,the,GAc3,the, OBc3,the, VPRTc1,the,
ab,CIAlc7, stand up, TAXSc5,stay,
abe-, MAPMc5,staying,
abean,MAPMc4, staying
abibato,OSc5,in use,
abramg,OSc3,preparing, OPc1, preparation, DAOXc4, prepare,
ag,CLAc4, no(without),CLAc4,no, CLAc6, un, PEOALc6,not, OPc4, -less, OPRT3, no,
AF,CLAc5, 19,MAPMc2, AFc0, AFc6, DAOXc5,DARGc3,VPRTc3,EMODc3,DPRTc4,
afedan, GAc7, unspoken Glory,
affa, DAOXc6,empty, DARGc3, empty,
aije, MAPMc5, the meeting,
ak, Oc1, no,
ACAM,ACAMc0,7699, ACAMc6, ACAMc6, ACAMc7,EMODc4,
akhre, OPc3,wheel?grail? (relating to aethyr KHR) girdle or circle.
al, consumed, enflamed, VPRTc2,consumed, VPRTc4, consumed,VPRTc5,consumated, OPRTc7,combustion,
alati,VPRTc4, fire of gathering,
albor,QUARc5, carefully? ial-boru?
alieta,CIALc7, consuming,
al-tari,PEOALc6, becoming consumed, OXc5, being consumed, OLc2,harvested(being consumed)
am, CIAlc6,cursed, QUARc5,cursed,VPRTc4,cursed,
amma,MAPMc6, cursed,
ampelota,ERANc7, absorbed,
an-dor, PDc3, dark,
ani,DARGc3, going to,
anie,CLAc5, ? OPRT3,united
anis, DAOXc, being?
antur, DAOXc6, beyond relief? (ricochet,echo?)
anui, GAc6,?
anusi, OPc2,making,
ap, GAc7, unchanging, ERANc2,unchanging, eternal,
aperi,TAXSc3, eternal fire, (ap-eri/a-peri)
ar, CLAc5, protected, PDc4, protect, AFc4, protective, DAOXc1,protecting, OBc5,protects, VPRTc2, guarding
arabata, NIc6, maidens,
are, OLc4, protective,VPRTc3,protective
aresti,DARGc2,? are-sti? protective release/discharge?)
aretho, MIANc1,beauty,
arin, CLAc5, protected
arfin, CIALc6, protective (?)
argal, CLAc3,winnowing,
arp, MAPMc7, overcome, ACAMc4,overcome,
ars, PEOALc5, friendly, CIALc2,friendly, OBc6e,friendly, VXc7,friendly,OPRT5,friendly,
as, GAc7, that
asakil, MAPMc6, myself,
asapal,EMODc2, before,
asiazior, CLAc2,likeness,
aspin,DPRTc5, travelling(pin) (house?asp)
asti, CLAc2,willing,
astin, CLAc4,willing,
astra, EMODc3,given(released)
astrax, OPc0, willing
ath, MAPMc6, work, AFc4,work, AFc5,work, ACAMc3,work, DAOXc2,work, GAc6, work, OBc7,work,EMODc5,work,             TAXSc4,work,TAXSc5,work,ERANc4,work,
atha, OXc3, work,
athi,CLAc5, work, CIALc2, work, MIANc2,work,VPRTc5,work,TAXSc3,work,
athiè,DARGc2, work,
atho, MIANc1,work,DAOXc2, work?
atian, Oc5, before,
atiè,PEOALc3, work,
atraah, VXc4, girdle
atre,EMc5, plenary,
atva, OSC2,shells, ACAMc6, shells, OXc6,shells, OPc4,shells, Oc2,shells, MIANc5, shells, LPRTc4, shell/skin,             DARGc3,shell, DARGc5, shells, DPRTc1,skin,
avabhe, OXc4, hyacinths,
avando, OSC2,desert, PEOALc2,desert, MIANc6,desert,
avin, OPc5, millstones
avian, APMc4, millstones
aviny, OSc5, millstones, DAOXc5,millstones,
ba, CIALc1, but? OPc4, but?
BABALONU,OXc7, spiritname,
badeva, OPc3,forgery,
badore,LPRTc4, head of heaven
badori,LPRTc3, heads of heaven
bage, OBc6d,doubt,
baije, CIALc2, doubt,
baje, CLAc6, doubt ?, OPc7,doubt, DAOXc4,doubt, MIANc4, doubt,
bajta,DARGc1,express yourself,
balata, MAPMc5 justice,
baleta,DAOXc1,his rights,
Balaton,CLAc6, God of Justice, DAOXc5, God of Justice
Balt, VXc7, God of Justice,DPRTc3,
Balthurz, Highest justice,
Balton, God of justice,
bamesa, DARGc3, forget,
ban,Nic3, holy,
banutas, CIALc6, guarding, TAXSc7, guardian,
banuts, OBc6d, guard,
BARAZ, PEOALc1,  BARAZ the shadow, PEOALc5, OPc2,the black hand !!,
bares,PEOALc4, sleep?, OBc3,? VPRTc6, shadow, DPRTc5,shadow,
bareta, ERANc7, shadows,
baretz, MAPMc6, Baraz, the shadow,
baria,MIANc6, sleep,
bati,OPRT5, seen?
basi, EMb3-4-2, cup, PDc4,cups, LPRTc6, cup, LPRTc7,cup, VPRTc4,cup,VPRTc7,cup,TAXSc6,cup,OPRTc1,cup,
be, PDc2,then, CIALc2,but, CIAlc6,but, OPc3,but, OPc7,for, DARGc5,but?
bejim, AFc4, discharged,
bel, PDc7, just, PEOALc1,just, VXc7,the just,VPRTc0,just, EMODc7,just,
bele, CIAlc4, just,
bela, CLAc4,adjustment,
beli, NIc3, just,
belati, PDc5, justice, MAPMc2, justice,
beliora, PDc6,beauty,
beliore,LPRTc2, beauty,
belioreb, EMc5, beauty,
belioreta, PDc2, beauty,OPRTc0,beauty, ERANc6,comfort,
beria, EMb1-2, sleeping,EMB1-4,sleeping, CIALc3,sleep
beres, DARGc2, sleeping, TAXSc0,sleep,
beresia, NIc2,the sleeping,
berijo, EMb3-3-2,the sleeping,
berika, EMb3-1-6,sleeping,(sleepless)
beriom, OPRTc2, sleep,
berathi, EMb1-6, ? talking? having?
bers, NIc3, the sleeping,
besiath,TAXSc1, hens?
beszi, ACAMc7, matter
beti, EMb3-1-7,talking,DPRTc5,talks,
betha, EMb1-3, talking
bethie, MAPMc5, crushing,
bethol,LPRTc6, nothing void, VPRTc3, void, EMODc6,void,
bethors, MAPMc4, crushing,
bi, PDc3,voice, Afc4,voice, VXc7,voice, VPRTc3,voice
bienu, VXc1, voice,
bieth, CIALc4,crushed
bim, NIc3, voice,
bilem, PEOALc1,voice,
boents,OPRTc2, absorbs,
bogear, OBc6d, ruler,
bogira, NIc3,ruler,
bojin, QUARc5,ruling,
boru, EMb1-5,hurricane
bores, OLc2,hurricane,
bostan, NIc3, awakes,

D, DPRTc0,3rd, DPRTc5,
da,EMb1-4, the(third),EMb1-4,the,EMb1-6 the,EMb3-1-4,the, EMb3-3-4,the, EMb3-4-1,the, EMb3-4-2,the,
            EMb3-4-2,there?, EMb3-5-2,the, EMb3-5-2,the, EMb3-5-2,the, EMb3-5-3, the, CLAc6,the, CLAc6,the, PDc1,the,        AFc2,the, PEOALc5, the, PEOALc6, the, EMc2,the,EMc5,the, EMc7, the, ACAMc7, the, OXc4,the, OXc4,the,        CIALc4,the, OPc1,the, DAOXc4,the, GAc4 the, GAc6,the, MIANc0, VXc5, the, VXc7,the, OLc0,the, LPRTc2,there,            LPRTc3, the, DPRTc5, the,TAXSc7,3rd, OPRT3,there, OPRT5,there, OPRT5,the,ERANc6,to,
dafoè,VPRTc6, mastery
dagost, DAOXc2,?(a static trembling growing current?)
dakhel, OPc5,the oak,
daki, CIAlc6, the seer, OBc6b,seer,
dakil,CLAc3, seer,
dal, EMb3-3-3,unto, Oc7,fights, OLc3,fighters,
dalina, EMb,3-1-5, fighter,
dalmeth,GAc4,the crowned worm,
danutas,OPRTc6, loyally,
DARG, DARGc7,6379, OPRTc2,
DARaG, DARGc0, 6379 (selfless)
darak, EMb3-1-8,selflessness,
dare,OSc7, himself,
dares, PEOALc5, self, CIALc1,self, CIALc5,self, OLc5,self, QUARc3, self, LPRTc3, self,VPRTc4,self,
dari, EMb3-5-2, unite, OPRTc6, unity,
darim, EMb3-1-11, united,
darum, EMb3-2-4,self,
das, OSc5, (ds) which, PEOALc5, which, GAc6, who,DPRTc0,which,ERANc1,which
dathurz,DARGc3, reflected into the highest,
dati,OPc4, there is the,
davana,OLc4, arising,
davani, EMb3-1-3, arising
dazi, EMb3-4-1,head,
DAX, QUARc6, the 49,
de,OSc1,of, OSc2,of,Osc3,of, OSc5,of, OSc6, against?, CLAc6, that,PDc4,of,PDc4,of,PDc5,of, MAPMc1,of, MAPMc3, of,    MAPMc4,of, MAPMc6, for, AFc2,of, AFc3,of, AFc4 of, PEOALc1,of, PEOALc5,of, PEOALc6,of, PEOALc7, of, ACAMc0,of, ACAMc1,of, ACAMc1, of, ACAMc1,of,ACAMc2,the, ACAMc2, of, ACAMc5,of, ACAMc6,of, ACAMc6,of,     ACAMc6,of, ACAMc7, of, OXc5,of CIALc2,the, CIALc3,of, CIAlc4, CIAlc4,of, CIALc5,of, CIALc6,of, CIALc7,for?,    OPc1,of, OPc2,of, OPc2,of, OPc3,the, OPc4,of, OPc7,Of,OPc7,Of, DAOXc,of, Oc5,of, Oc7,of, GAc3, of, GAc5,of,      OBc6b,for, OBc6c,of, OBc6d,of, OBc6e,for, OBc6e, ?, OBc6f, with, OBc7,of, OBc7,of, MIANc4,the, MIANc5,of,           MIANc6,Of, MIANc6,the, MIANc6,to,MIANc7,of, VXc6,of VXc7,of, OLc2,of, OLc3,of,OLc5,of, LPRTc3,for, LPRTc5,of,              LPRTc6,of,LPRTc6,of,DARGc3,of,DARGc3,of,DARGc5,of,VPRTc5,of,VPRTc6,of,EMODc4,of,EMODc4,of,EMODc4,of,    EMODc7,is,DPRTc1,ofDPRTc3,out of, DPRTc6,with,TAXSc5,?TAXSc5,of, TAXSc7,of, TAXSc7,of,OPRT3,of,            ERANc1,of, ERANc3,of ERANc6,the
dejona,EMb3-1-7, resigning,
del,EMb1-6,fighters, EMb3-5-3, fighters, AFc6,twins, OLc3,fighters, TAXSc3,fighters,
deli,CLAc7,fight, CLAc7,fighting
delianu,OLc5, the fighters,
delio, EMb3-5-2,fighters, OBc6a, fighters,
den,CLAc5, obediently, NIc5,obedient, OBc3,obedient? VXc2,obedient, DARGc3,obedient?
denika,AFc6, disobedience
deniom,ERANc5, knowing obediance,
deri,EMb3-2-1, unites,
derim, DARGc0,self,?unity, VPRTc7,unity,
derinu, EMb3-1-10, united
derio, EMb3-5-4, unite,
deritinoi, will make your breakthrough and excess,
derium, OSc7, unity, AFc5, unites,aligns with, OBc6f,unites, DPRTc3, OPRT5,united,
des, OSc3,accepting, PDc4,accept, AFc2, accepting, AFc6, accepting, PEOALc6, accept, ACAMc3,accept, OXc5, accepting,
            oxc6,accepting?(de-of?), CIALc7,accepting, OPc4, accepting, OPc7,accepting, DAOXc6, accepting, MIANc3,accept,           VXc3,acceptance, QUARc1,accepts, EMODc5,accepts?DPRTc3,which?,
desia, PEOALc3,acceptance,GAc5, acceptance,
det,DARGc1, must?
deti,DARGc3, as it is,( de-t-i),OPRT4,as it is,OPRTc6, as it is,
deti-anu,CLAc4, song made,
deti-onu,CLAc5, song made/singing,
dezi, EMb2-7, heads
di, EMb3-1-4,of, EMb3-5-1,of, EMb3-5-1, the triplet, CLAc5, the 3rd, CLAc5, the 3rd, CLAc6,3rd, PDc3,3rd, ACAMc0,3rd,   GAc3,3rd, MIANc1, 3rd, MIANc2,3rd, MIANc4,3rd, OLc7,the 3rd, DPRTc6,rd, TAXSc4,3rd,
di-e, into the 3rd,
dil- CIAlc1,the 3rd (dil-tani)
dilmanu, ACAMc3, 3rds offering(di-l-manu??)
din, PEOALc2,demands,
dinet, CLAc6, demanded,
dinu,LPRTc6, demands,
dire, EMb1-3,dismantle the 12,EMb3-2-4,dismantle the 12, OSc7, dismantles the 12,OPRT4,
do, EMb1-3,in, EMb1-6,in,EMb3-1-4,in, EMb3-1-6,in, EMb3-2-3,in,EMb3-2-3,in,EMb3-3-1,in,OSC2,in,OSC2,into,             MAPMc3,in, AAFc4,into,EMc3,in, ACAMc5,of, NIc4,and OXc6,in, CIAlc2,in, DAOXc7,in, OBc2,in,VXc7,in, OLc1,in,          LPRTc1,into, DARGc2,in,DPRTc1,in,DPRTc2,in,DPRTc3,in,TAXSc6,in,TAXSc6,in,OPRT3,in, OPRT3,in OPRTc7,in,            ERANc4,in
dog, CIALc4, howling, MIANc3,howling,VPRTc5,howl,
dogi, EMb3-1-5,howling,
dogo, EMb3-5-5,howling,
dogun, MAPMc7, howling, PEOALc3, howling, ACAMc4,howling, MIANc2,howling, MIANc3
doi, EMb1-4, serpent,EMb3-4-1,serpent, OSc5,serpent, MAPMc1, serpent, DAOXc1, serpent, VPRTc4,serpent,             EMODc5,serpent,
doii, ERANc0, serpents, ERANc6, serpents,
dok,CLAc5, fullfilled, AFc7,fulfill, LPRTc3,fulfill, EMODc1, fulfilling,
doki, EMb3-5-5,fulfills,
dokil, NIc6,fulfill the curse,
dokors, DAOXc2,? fullfills
doku, OXc7, fulfills the curse,
dol EMb1-1, wholly,EMb2-6,wholly,EMb3-2-1,whole, EMb3-2-4,all, EMb3-3-3,wholly,EMb3-3-4,wholly, EMb3-4-2,wholly,
            EMb3-5-1,wholly,EMb3-5-3,wholly,EMb3-5-4,all,CLAc2,all, MAPMc5,all, AFc3,all, ACAMc6, everything,             ACAMc7,all, OBc3,all, OLc4,all/wholly,VPRTc7,all,EMODc4,all,
dolia, QUARc4,all,
dolo, EMb3-2-4, whole,
doloka, EMb3-4-1,death,
dolomi, EMb3-2-2,allpower, dolo-mi, EMb3-5-1,allpower,
dom, MIANc2, end, DARGc2,ends,
domeniki,DAOXc6, grand wave billows
don,OPc5, ruler, DAOXc5, ruler, VXc3,ruler, VPRTc2, ruler,
donoki, QUARc3, black star? rulerless,
donos, EMc5, reigner,
donus, CLAC3,reigners, PDc4,reigners, CIAlc6,reigner,
donuta,CLAc5, reigner,
dont, VXc6, pour,
dor, EMb3-1-6,black, EMb3-1-7,blackness, EMb3-1-8,black,EMb3-3-2,black,EMb3-3-3,black,EMb3-3-3,black,
            EMb3-4-2,black, EMb3-5-5, black, EMb0-1,black, PDc5,black, ACAMc7, black, NIc2,blacness,
dores, EMb3-3-2, darkness, ACAMc3,black, DAOxc5,black,VPRTc6,black
doria, EMb1-4, black, OBc3, Darkness,
dorim,EMc6, black
dorin, OPc3,black, QUARc3,black, QUARc5, black,
dorina, EMb3-2-3, black,
doro, EMb3-1-5, black, EMb3-1-5,blackness, EMb3-1-6, black,EMb3-1-8,black, EMb3-1-9,black, EMb3-3-2,darkness,
            EMb3-5-3, black, GAc2,darkness,
doromina, EMb3-5-3, solid gathered shapes,
doromiona, EMb3-1-10, solid gathered shapes(? enduring darkness)
dors, VXc3, dark,DPRTc2,dark, TAXSc5,dark,
dothin, CLAc2, mirroring, CLAc5,mirroring, MAPMc6, mirrored
dothir,DARGc6, mirroring,
dothors, OPRTc7, mirroring,ERANc7, reflecting,
drok,VXc2, darkless,(dor-ak)
ds, OSc4,which, VXc4,which

ef, DAOXc6, visits, GAc7 visit, VXc3,visit,
e-im, OSc7,whenever,
el, EMb2-1, the one, EMc3,the one, NIc7, the One, Oc7, The One, MIANc6,One, LPRTc7, the One,OPRT3,the One,
Elatirs, VXc2,the ones becoming,
Elia,OXc3,the one, GAc6, the one, DARGc2, the One,
Elio, OSc7,the eternal One,
el-mi-dor,TAXSc5, The One black power,
EM, EMb3-2-4, Nine, CLAc6, EMc7, CIAlc3,
EMOD, EMODc0, 8763,EMODc2,EMODc4,
Enai,OXc7, the Lord, LPRTc1,the Lord,DPRTc3,the Lord,TAXSc6,the Lord,
endori, OSc5, obsolete,
ensi, VXc2,walk,(insi)
en-tirio,DAOXc7, pursue further, VPRTc6,pursue further, TAXSc5,pursue further,
e-math,OSC2, the ever continous,
ERAN,EMODc4,3662,ERANc0, ERANc6,
eriama,EMODc3, love,
eriatha, ERANc4, celebrating(oriatha)
ES, EMc5, 4, OXc7,EMODc6,
esiaka,MIANc1, The brothers,
esiakahe, CLAc7, brothers, DARGc2, brothers,
et,OBc6b,and, QUARc4, and, LPRTc3,and, LPRTc3,and,OPRTc6, and,
etaba, DPRTc1, guarding?(circle of priests, senate assembly?)
etasia, TAXSc3, present
etharzi,EMODc4, in friendliness,
ethir, OPRTc2, the brothers? (the whirling?)
eti,CLAc6, whirling, Oc7,whirling,
etia,PDc4,whirling, MAPMc3, whirling,
etiava, CIALc5, Whirling?,
etio,OPRT5, whirling,

GA, OSc6,31, PEOALc6, ACAMc3, OPc4, Oc3, GAc0, GAc4, GAc7,ERANc6,
gahe,EMc7, spirits,
gaf, MIANc3,misery,
gal, OPc3,into, MIANc0,into (?)
galata,EMc4, into(GA-lata?)
gar, Oc4,dead,? (silenced)
gath, EMc5, matter,
gathopil,ACAMc3, ? caring fundament?
gati, OPc2,however? caring,
gatiè,OSc6, between?, DAOXc4,? between,
gatinaja, EMc4, cares,
gatinuje, EMc6, caring
gavana, EMb1-3, arise,EMODc5, arise,
gedin, PDc1,fall flat, NIc7, fall flat, OXc7,fall flat,
gei, EMb3-1-7,spirit (gah), EMb3-4-3,herein (qeiin)
geiin,DARGc5,spirit(spook in this connection), OPRT5,spirits,
geo,DARGc3, our,
gejhurz,MIANc0, "highest inn" ? highest spirit,?
gel, EMb3-3-4, ?
gelin,ACAMc2, birth(qelin),
ger,CLAc6, silenced,
geri-sal-kina, EMb3-4-2,?killing restricted man?
geth,AFc5,dedicated, TAXSc5, principal?
getil, EMc1, beginning,
gev,VXc3 beginning,?
gi, EMc1, our, OBc6, our,
ginis, MIANc6, binds,(kinis)
go, EMb3-3-4,says, AFc4,says,
godinal, EMb3-5-5, the speed of matter,
gof,DAOXc4, discordant, VXc3,discordance
gohia, CIAlc7,says,TAXSc2,saying,
gohilia, MIANc4, says,
goi, CIAlc4,said, DAOXc4,saying,VPRTc4,saying,ERANc6,saying
goii, EMb1-5,saying
goinu, OBc4,saying,
goinup, CIALc2,saying,
gohusali, EMb3-1-1, I say thee,
golaqin, EMb3-2-1, stainless and pure,
golepintakrestion, VXc4, praises to the feet in the hemming way,
gon, EMb1-1 faithful
gonos, PDc5,faithful, VPRTc5,faith,
gor, CLAc6, lustful, GAc5,open, EMODc1,lust
gores, QUARc4, openness,(lust?)
goro, ACAMc1,lust,
goredigal, AFc4, the vast open within,
gors,MAPMc5,in lust, NIc4, lust, OXc7,lust,OPRT5,lust,OPRTc6,lust,
GOVENTAZ, EMb1-1, Spiritname meaning GO VEN TAZ = saying neither (is) here
guatin,DARGc5, rotten,
gunas,TAXSc3, faith?(gon)

f, GAc7,visit,
fafen,ACAMc7,follower,(to train?)
faij,DARGc3, turns on,
fajin, CLAc6, whirling, MIANc2, encircling, VPRTc2, turning(counting),TAXSc7,whirling
faki, EMb3-2-1,noise
falanteres, ERANc1,comittment /falan-teres)
fan,MAPMc5, pomegranate, DAOXc6,pomegranate,EMODc3,pomegranate,
fanir,DARGc2, pomegranate,
fanastra, EMc6, is released?
fanutaz,MAPMc6, dwelling,
fanutas,CIALc7,dwelling, DAOXc4,dwells, VXc3, dwelling,DARGc2, rests,
faonts,DPRTc1,dwells, OPRTc1, dwells,
fareti, MIANc2,exceeds,
fatinu, DAOXc6,dwellers,(fanuti)
faznik,AFc6, has been driven trough,
fe, EMb2-6,visit, EMb2-6,visit, MAPMc4, visit,
feiin, ACAMc2,surrounding,
fejin, OBc6, encircle,
fejo, EMb3-5-4,encircling,
fel,TAXSc1, abuse,? exaggerate,
felani, PEOALc6, exaggerates,
fen, EMb2-7,follower, EMb3-5-4,follower,
fet, EMb3-1-1,visit,EMb3-1-2,fet-io,visit forever,EMb3-1-7,visit,
fetha, EMb1-5,visit
fetik, EMB1-7,visitless(dont visit)
fek, EMB1-7, noisy, EMB1-7 noisy,EMB3-1-2,noise, CIALc2,noisy
fes, EMB2-3,carry out
fi, MAPMc4, whirls, MAPMc5, whirls/turns on,AFc2,turns around, PEOALc6, encircles, ACAMc6, turns, NIc2,turns,             OXc6,whirl, CIALc5, turns, OPc4, surrounds, Oc1, turns around, GAc4,turns, GAc7,turns, OBc5,turns?             MIANc4,encircle, OLc3,turn, OLc6,turns, DARGc2, whirls,DPRTc1,surrounds,DPRTc3,encircles,OPRT3,turns
fianu, CIALc2,whirls forth,
fijin,DARGc3, frames? surrounding forms?
fines, PDc4,impounding? DAOXc4, impounding? OPRTc6,impounding,
fiò, EMB3-4-2, unity, PEOALc1 unity, OPc2,unite,
fiona, OPc3, union,
fitharz, PEOALc3,visit, QUARc3, visit, ERANc6,visit with friendliness,
fo,DAOXc3, surrounded,
foani,CIAlc5, turning,
foi, ACAMc4,found? DAOXc1,turns,DPRTc5, turns,TAXSc3,turns,
foijin, ACAMc3 impounded,? EMODc5,whirling, TAXSc3,whirling
foijnitzi, DARGc6, Whirling and appearing?
foj, OSc4,whirling, GAc4,turn, ERANc7, whirls,
fojin,EMODc3,spreads around,
fojna, MAPMc1,encircling/surrounding, PEOALc1, for?(arises?)
fom,OPc4, arrows,
forim, CLAc4, seeds,
foron, AFc4,seed,
forun, ACAMc3, seed, OXc6,the seed, GAc6,the seed, DARGc3,seed,
forohim, AFc6, fighting(?) DARGc5,fighting

ha,ACAMc1,waiting, VPRTc1,waiting
hales, PEOAlc3, treshold,
ham, OXc7,creatures,
hami,VPRTc3, creatures,
harante, OXc4, celebrates,
hares, MAPMc5, cries deeply,
has,AFc4, tremble,
hasia, OBc6e,thrembling,
he, VXc4,sings, OLc5,singing, VPRTc1,song,DPRTc4,song,
heba, OSc4,next,
hel, LPRTc4, smelling,
hem,MAPMc5, wonder,
her, OSc5,split/dispersed, MAPMc1,splitted, OXc1, the division line, OBc2, split/fragmented,
heria, EMb1-7,splits
heriex, OPc1, division line,
het,OLc7,? LPRTc4,? too?  (no ak - still?)
hile,DARGc5, song?(smell?)
hinètrop, OSC2,fragmented,
ho, EMb3-1-1,zero, CLAc7 zero,TAXSc4,zero,
hoija, PEOALc7, terror, OXc3,terror,
hom,PDc6, I am, DPRTc3, living?
hon,TAXSc5, void,
honia,OSc6, the void, PEOALc6,the void, CIALc5, the void, VXc,the void,
hop,DARGc3, coincide,
hor, OXc5,celebrate,
horeti, MIANc1,celebrate,
horia, NIc5, celebrating, CIAlc3,celebrating,
horieta,ACAMc6, celebrates,
hors, VXc7, delights,VPRTc4,celebrates,
hos,AFc5, assimilates,
Hua, EMb1-1, I,EMB3-1-4,worshipper, EMb3-3-1,I, EMb3-3-3,I,EMb3-4-2,I,
huani, EMb3-4-2,worshipper?
huat, EMb3-1-4,worship,EMb3-1-4,worship,EMb3-1-5,worship,
huati, EMb3-1-4,hails(?),EMb3-1-5,worshipper(?),EMb3-2-3,worshipper, EMb3-3-2,worshipper,EMb3-3-3,Worshipper,             EMb3-3-4,worshipper,EMb3-4-2, worshipper,EMb3-5-2,worshipper,
huen, EMb3-1-4,worshipper,
huet, EMb3-1-5, worshipper,EMb3-1-6,worshipper,EMb3-1-10, worships,EMb3-2-2,worshipper, EMb3-2-2,worshipper, EMb3-2-3,worships, EMb3-4-1,worship,
hun, 1PRTc1,void,

i, EMb1-2, is, EMb1-3, is, EMb1-4,is, EMb1-6,is,EMB,1-6,EMb1-7,is,EMb2-7,is, EMb3-1-4,is, OSc7,is,EMb0-2,is, PDc7,is,          MAPMc5,is, AFc3,is, PEOALc1,is, NIc2,is, NIc5,is, OXc3,is, CIALc7,is, DAOXc5,is, Oc3,is, Oc7,is, MIANc7,is, OLc5, is,   OLc5,is, QUARc6,is, VPRTc0,is,VPRTc4,is,EMODc7,is,DPRTc6,is,TAXSc4,is, OPRTc1,is, OPRTc6, the essence of the letter i,ERANc2,is,ERANc7,is,
ia, OSC1,truth, EMODc5,truly, TAXSc7,true
iad, ACAMc2,God,
ial,EMODc1,consume,combust, DPRTc0 consuming,DPRTc5,consuming,TAXSc1,consuming,
iemotu,OPRTc1, as thou were,
ienu, Oc1, another,
ii, MIANc7, beings perfect division,
iieta, ACAMc1,from,Out of,
IMIN, Oc0, the right hand,DARGc3,DARGc5,
imen,EMODc5, IMIN,
inie,1PRTc1, forthwith,
inièmak, OSC2, Attaining/passing over
ineni,ACAMc2, stone(nutshell)
inua, EMc1, For the becoming,
io, EMb3-1-2,forever, Oc3, eternal, GAc1, eternal, GAc1,eternal, TAXSc3,eternal,
isx,OSC0, glowing, CLAc4, glows,
it, EMb1-3 is it, QUARc5,
itetikile, AFc6, what has been done, QUARc2, what has been done,
ivah, OSc3,assimilation,

ja, EMb2-2,truth,EMb3-1-2, truth,ERANc6,truth,
jagile, EMb3-1-7,why,
java, OBc1, gathering,
je,CLAc7,our, AFc1, our, EMc3, ourselves, MIANc3,our,
jetolo, EMb3-1-2,out of him
joni, DAOXc4,faith,

ka, EMb1-6,are, EMb1-6, are, EMb3-2-3, is, EMb3-5-4, are, OPc4, are, GAc2,are, DARGc3,are,
kahisa, ERANc2,are,
kai, EMb2-2,freedom, EMb3-2-3,freedom, OBc3,free,EMODc5,freedom,
kaijin, CIALc4,free,
kajin, DAOXc2,hidden?,
KAL, EMb3-3-2,456, OSc5,456, CLAc6, CLAc6,
KALA, EMb2-1,CLA456, EMb3-1-7, EMb3-3-2, CLAc0,
kalina, EMb3-4-1-,blood,
kanasi,EMODc0, perfects,(ka-nasi,are walking),
kanatroja, EMb2-5,fixed.
kani, EMb3-3-2,perfected,
kanikarsil, OSc4, perilous,
kanila, DAOXc5,blood, VPRTc6,blood,
kanime, OPc4, perfected,
kanta, MIANc1,perfection
kapimaon, CLAc7, alltime,
kares-a-mi-le, OPRTc6, such power of the One, (?)
kars, AFc5, such, NIc1, such, DAOXc5,such DPRTc5,which.
karas-mi, CLAc5, withheldt power?
karisèo, EMb2-2,lets it be
karia, EMb3-1-2,oven, CLAc5,oven,
karja, EMb1-7,oven
kas, PEOALc5,are, CIALC7,are, Oc5,are, GAc2, are,DARGc3, becoming
kasi, LPRTc2,is, LPRTc6, is,
kasiatris,VXc7, scorpions,
kas-misej,AFc3, are entering?are settling powers,
kataleim, DAOXC1,plenipotentiary,
KATI, EMb1-5 good brother,EMb3-1-1,good intention,EMb3-1-10,good intention, EMb3-5-1,G.B. PEOALc2, G.B.             QUARc3,GB, TAXSc3, good brother,
katil, MIANc4,good brother,
katrisa, OXc3,scorpion,
kavana, EMb2-3,arising(gavana),
Ke, EMb1-3,therefore,EMb1-5,therefore,EMb2-7,are,EMb3-2-3,are, DAOXc5, are, GAc3,are, EMODc2,are
keiin, EMb1-5,within
keisa, EMb1-2, are
kel, EMb2-6, born, EMb3-2-3,birth, PDc3, births, ERANc6,birth,
kelastikal, EMb2-5,born and appearing
keli, EMb3-1-7, born
kelia, OXc3,birth,
kel-ika, EMb3-1-6,unborn(bornless),
keloto, EMb3-1-9,born,
keni, EMb3-1-3,bound, EMb 3-5-3,bound(restricted?) MIANc2,bound, VXc4,bound,
kenia, bound, state of restriction,
keni-ja-kes,EMb2-3, bound truly are
kenis, MIANc4, restricted,
keon, EMb1-7,creation
kerat, EMb2-1,spoke,
keres,OSc5, speech
kers,oc3, speaking,
kerestinu, EMb2-5, demands union with
keso, EMb2-4,are
kesar, EMB1-6, destruction,
ket, EMb3-1-1,their,EMb3-1-8,they,EMb3-2-4,them, EMb3-4-1,their, EMb3-4-2,they, NIc3,their,
Keta, EMb1-6,they,EMb1-7,their
keth,PDc2, their, DAOXc3,their,
keti ,EMb1-4,good, EMb1-6,good brother,EMb3-1-2,good brother,EMb3-1-2,good brother, EMb3-1-8, good brother,
            EMb3-2-4,good brother,EMb3-2-4, good brother,EMb3-3-3,g.b. AFc2,G. B. NIc2,good brother, OLc5,GB,
ketil, EMb3-1-11, the first white brother?,
kethar, EMb1-2, bridge
ketholo, EMb3-1-1,steady waves
ketholon, EMb1-7,steady waves
kevi, EMb3-1-2,doesn't care
khis,EMc6, are,
ki, EMb2-1,grants,EMb2-2,grants,EMb3-2-3,grants,EMb3-2-3,grants,EMb3.2.4,grants, PDc4, grants, MAPMc6, grants,
            OLc1, grants, OLc3,grants, OLc7,grants, QUARc6,grants,LPRTc4,grants,LPRTc4,grants,DARGc3,grants,
CIAL, CIAL0, 9996, CIALc7,
kien,EMb3-3-3, not allowed,
kin,LPRTc3, bound? consentrated?
kina, EMb3-4-3, consentration,
kinis,PEOALc5, restricts,
kil, EMb2-5,bolt (thunderbolt), MAPMc1,bolt, Oc7,bolt, EMODc3,pillar,DPRTc3,bolt, OPRTc1,bolt, OPRT5,bolt,             ERANc4,bolt,
kile, CIALc2, life?(bolt?) DARGc3, pillar?bolt?
kilè, EMb3-5-1,  
kira, EMb3-2-2,vitality,
kire, EMb2-1,vitality, ACAMc6, vitality, LPRTc7, vitality, EMODc4,vitality,
kiri, CIALc0,vitality,
kise, EMb3-5-4, are?
kiti, EMb1-3, good intension, EMB3-5-4,good brother,
CLA, OPc6,456 ages of time,
koars, OBc6c, cry, EMODc2,crying,
koes,Oc6, cries bitterly
koesli, MAPMc0, better off without, DARGc4, Better off without,
ko,MAPMc2,covering, AFc4,sheltering, EMc0, covers, NIc6,cover, OBc2,covering,
koi, EMb1-4, rather, EMB3-3-4, rather(freed?discharged),OSc6,rather, PDc4, rather, MAPMc7,rather, PEOALc6,rather,        Oc4,rather, OLc0,rather, DARGc6, rather,
koinup,OLc6, solves,LPRTc5,solves,
kol,EMb3-4-2, creating, MAPMc3, creating, CIALc1, created, CIALc5,created, DAOXc6, created,VPRTc7,created,
kolasi, EMb3-1-4,created riches,
kolia, EMb1-1, creating, EMB1-2, created,EMB 3-3-3,creation, OSC3,created, PEOALc1,created,
Kolemn, EMb1-2, creator herein
kommah,DPRTc4, frame,
konus, LPRTc2,perfect,
Konos,LPRTc2, perfect,LPRTc2, perfect,
konoto, EMb3-1-7,making perfect,
kore, EMb1-3, number
kores,OPRTc6, number,
koreti, CLAc1,counting,
korin, EMc7, count,
koria, EMb3-5-2, oven,
kors, EMb3-3-4,such as, EMb3-5-2,such, CLAc2,such, CLAc6, who's, MAPMc2, such, ACAMc7,such, Oc2,such, GAc6,such,     OBc5,such, MIANc5,such, VXc3, such, QUARc5,such, 1PRTc1,which, DARGc3,such,OPRT5,such,
korsa, EMb3-4-3, such,
kosi,PEOALc0, forbidden, 1PRT, OPRTc2,forbidden,
kothon, EMb1-7, fence
koti, OSc5,cover, AFc2, cover,
krajin,EMb1-7, disappearing in spirals
kratiopl, QUARc6, fates fulfillment,
kraxi, OPc6,exceed in spirals,
kriolp, DAOXc5, Fulfilling what is bound to happen,
kum,EMb3-1-10, frame,

l, CLAc6, the One, ACAMc7, one, 1PRTc0, LPRTc6,
la, EMb1-6, the,EMb2-1, the, EMb2-2,one,EMb3-1-5, the,EMb3-1-6,the, EMb3-3-1,like, EMb3-3-2,one,EMb3-3-2,the,             EMb3-3-4, One, EMb3-4-1,the,EMb3-4-2,the,EMb3-5-4,the one, EMb3-5-5,the ones, EMc6,the One, OBc4,the,        LPRTc3,the One, VPRTc5,the one, VPRTc6,the one's,OPRT4,the One, OPRTc6,One,
lafefe, CLAc2,vessel,
lagdul, ACAMc7, ?
laim, VXc6, Ones (def. plural,)
laje, CLAc6, absolute,
lal, AFc5,same?
lam,PEOALc5, path, NIc5, path, OXc7, path, CIAlc6,path, OBc6, VXc6, path,
lama,EMb,1-4, path, PDc4,path, PEOALc4,path, CIALc4, path,
lame,OSc5,path, MAPMc4,path
lami,MAPMc6, path, NIc6,path, OLc0, path, QUARc6,path,
Lano-vi-el, EMb2-4,map of the 2nd and the one
lap, CLAc2,because/for, PDc1, because, MAPMc6, because, DAOXc4, for, GAc7,for, OBc6f, for, MIANc1,for,MIANc3,for,           MIANc4,for, VXc7,for,
las,DAOXc6, rich,
lasa, EMb1-6, riches,EMb3-2-3,riches, EMb3-3-4,riches, PDc3,riches,
lat,OLc2, finding, LPRTc3,finding
lata, EMb 3-3-3,find, NIc4,finding,
lati,EMb2-7,finding,EMb3-3-4,finding, MAPMc1,finds, ACAMc2,finding, CIALc3, finding, EMODc2,finding,
late, EMb1-4,finding,
lava,CLAc6, calling,
lavi, EMb1-6, praying/calling
laviò, EMb3-4-3,calling, EMb3-5-1,invoking,
le, EMb1-3, the first,EMb1-3,oneness, EMb2-2,the one,EMb3-2-2,the one's, PEOALc2,the One, PEOALc5, the one,
            OXc3,the one, OPc1,the One, OPc4, the one, Oc1,the one, Oc3,the one, 1PRTc1, The One,LPRTc5,the one,     DARGc6,the one,DPRTc0,the,DPRTc1,the, DPRTc3,the one, DPRTc6,the one,ERANc1,the one,ERANc3,the one,
le-ane, EMb1-7,the branches
lef, EMb1-7,unique
leijo, EMb3-1-3, wheel
lel, OBc2,same,
lem, OSC3,path, AFc2, path, OXc4,path,
leojo, EMb3-1-3,wheel, AFc4, wheel, TAXSc4,wheel,
let, opc2,finding,
leta, EMb1-2,finding,EMB2-5,finding,EMB3-1-3,finding, OPc3,find
leti, EMb3-3-3,finding, MIANc1,finding,
li, EMb3-1-4, the One, OSC1,the One,  OSc7, the One, MAPMc4, one, MAPMc6,the one, AFc2, the One, PEOALc6,the One,     CIAlc1,the one, OPc4,the one, LPRTc4, the one, OPRTc6,the one,ERANc7, the One,
liba, CLAc6, righteous,
Lie,TAXSc6,the one,
Lieti, MIANc2,the one,
likavi, EMb3-1-7, hopeless, NIc2, hopeless, DAOXc6, those shut up,EMODc4,hopeless,
LIL, OLc2,the aethyr,
lio,  AFc6, the One forever,
limè, DARGc4,The path (of the one or unity)
limetz, OLc7, the blinding one/soul vehicle, ERANc6,
LIT, DARGc3, The aethyr,
lo, EMb3-1-2,one,PDc4,the One, Oc1,the One,
LOgun,EMODc5,the one,?
loi, EMb3-5-3, kisses, PDc0,kiss, OPc1,kiss, Oc1,kiss, ERANc4,kiss,ERANc6,kiss,
loin, DAOXc6, kiss, QUARc3, kisses, QUARc6,kisses,EMODc7,kiss,
loija, OXc6,wheel,
lok,CLAc4, raising,
lomath,DARGc0,blinding One(soul)
lona, Oc5,Kingdoms,
londoge, EMc6, Kingdoms
lotas, OPc1, massacre,
lothi, EMb1-2, quenches
lusad, EMODc2,feet,

Ma, EMb1-1, falling,EMb1-3, falling,EMb2-2,falling,EMb3-1-1-,fallen,EMb3-1-3,falling,EMb3-1-11, falling,
            EMb3-3-2,falling, EMb3-5-2,falling, EMb3-5-3, falling, CLAc3,fall, EMb0-1,falling, MAPMc4,fall, AFc4,fall,             PEOALc0,fall, PEOALc6,falls, EMc3, falls, ACAMc1,falling,ACAMc1,falls, OXc6, fall, CIALc1,fall, CIALc7,falling,             Oc2,falling, OBc1,fallen, OBc6b,fallen, VXc1,fall, OLc1,falling, 1PRTc0,falling,1PRTc1,falling, DARGc2,fallen,           VPRTc1,falling,DPRTc2,falling,DPRTc3,falling, DPRTc4,fall,DPRTc6,falling,TAXSc7,falling,OPRTc1,falling,            PRTc2,falling, ERANc4,descent,
maasi, EMb3-1-6,laid up,
mabesa, OLc4, coats, OLc6,coats,
mabese, LPRTc3,coat,
MAD, TAXSc3,the word?
maja, DAOXc2, ?promised?revenge?
maje, OPRT5,revenge,
majakin, EMc5, never,
mal, ACAMc1, arrows, DAOXc5,arrows, OBc7 arrow, MIANc3,arrow,EMODc1,arrow,EMODc5,arrow,
mala, OBc5,arrow,
maka,EMc2, sworn,
man, PDc3,offers, PEOALc2,offers, OXc4,offered, OLc7,offered, ERANc3, offer,
mana, EMb2-1,offers,EMODc3,offered,
manasi,DPRTc3, offering,
mani, EMb3-2-4,offer,
maobeitan,CLAc2, at last,
maphil, MAPMc2, unattainable,VPRTc6,unattainable,
mapi,PDc4, sentence, PEOALc5, sentence, CIALc5, sentence, DAOXc3, sentence,EMODc5,formulates,
mapiè, MAPMc6, sentence,
mapil, PEOALc3, unattainable?, (ma-pil?)
MAPM, MAPMc0, 9639, MAPMc3, MAPMc7,
mapores,DPRTc5, kingdom,
mar, OSc5, torments, CIAlc4, torment,
mara,CLAc4, pains
maraz, CIALc2, left,
marasina, EMb3-4-1,hapless,
maratzi, NIc6, burden,
maraxa,Oc1, burdens, Oc5, burdens, MIANc4, burdens,
marbele,LPRTc2, burden/counterweight
maretz, CLAc5, burdens, OBc2,burden,
maretzi,CLAc7, burdens,
marsipleh,PDc2, wretched,
matabe,OXc5,thousand, OBc2,thousand,
math,EMc4, blending in,
matha, ACAMc0, continual, Oc7,blinding, MIANc2,blinding, MIANc4, continuing,
matharz, EMODc4,eternity
mathi,TAXSc1, continous,
mathiè, MAPMc5,blending/continous,
mathir,DARGc2, continous,
mati,EMODc4, continual,DPRTc4,continous,
matpa, QUARc5,negatives,
max,EMc7,pact, NIc6,pact,
maz, EMb2-5,pact, EMb3-1-11,pact, AFc5, pact, PEOALc7, pact, ACAMc7,pact, NIc2,pact, DARGc3,pact,DARGc3,pact,             OPRT4,pact,
mazaikin, ACAMc1, "company",
maza-mi, CLAc5, matrimony's power,
mazi, CLAc6, pact, PDc4,pact,VPRTc7,pact,DPRTc3,pact,
mazia,DARGc3, the pact,
me, EMb1-5, around,EMb1-6,for, PDc4,around, MAPMc6, around, AFc1, around, CIAlc6,around, OPc5 around,             OBc6a,around, LPRTc4,around,VPRTc4,around, VPRTc4,around,DPRTc2,around,TAXSc4,around, OPRTc6,around,
meg, EMb1-3 looking around
mej, EMb3-3-1,looking for(caring for), OXc4,look around, DPRTc4,looking around,
mejim,OPc0, look around, VXc0, look around,
mejin, ACAMc6, looking around,
melio,ERANc1, autonomous,
men; NIc5, no-one, TAXSc4, Nemo/none, ERANc1, none,The hermit, Nemo,
me-on, OPRTc7, endurance, (saki me-on my making around)
meono, DARGc4, enduring(me-ono?)
merkrth, EMb1-2 beyond
mer, EMb1-4,torment, PDc5, torment, EMc2, torment, OPc5, torment, LPRTc2,torment,
meranu,Oc5, tormented,
meri, EMb3-1-1, torments, EMb3-3-1, torment,
meriona, EMb3-3-2,torment made,
merital, EMb,3-5-5, all-torment,
meriva, EMb2-3, tormentlike
meru, EMb1.2,torment
mes, EMc3, old, DARGc3, old,
mesi, Oc2,old, OBc6b, old, DPRTc1,old,
meth, EMb3-2-1,blinding, PEOALc6, continuance
meti,EMb3-2-1, blinding,
metha, EMb1-5,blinding,EMB1-5,blinding, OPc1,blinding, VPRTc2, continously
methari, EMb3-1-1,follow out
methi, MIANc1,blinding, OLc3,blinding,
methianum, OLc3, greater continum,
methik, EMb1-4,in continuance(?), PEOALc6, discontinuation, VPRTc4,discontinued,VPRTc4,discontinued,             ERANc4,discontinuated,
metholo, EMb3-1-8, continue,
mi,PDc3,power, PDc4, power,PDc4,power, AFc2,power, AFc6, power, PEOALc1,power, EMc0, power, OXc6,power,   CIALc7,power, DAOXc2,power, OBc3,power, OBc3,power, MIANc6, power, MIANc7,VPRTc5,power,             TAXSc5,power,TAXSc7,power,
mia, GAc4,powers,
miano, Oc7, continuance,
miba,VXc6, empower,
miona,OXc0, endures,
miorakistal, EMb3-5-2, mighty release of tears,
mikalz, EMb3-5-2, mighty, AFc4,mighty,
mir, OPRT3, torment,
mires, ACAMc5, tormented,
mitari>mi-tari,EMb3-1-7,follow up,around-becoming
mith,GAc4, blinding, GAc6,blinding,
mithal, GAc2, punishing, OPRT5,punishing,
mithales, VXc3, punishing,
moiba, VXc4, grows strong
moibe,ACAMc2,grows strong, ACAMc6, grows strong
molosa, EMb3-1-2,spitted out
momosa, MIANc2,moss,
mopixata, NIc2,void,
mopolosa, EMb1-7, annihilation, CIAlc2,annihilated,
mor, OSC1,time, CLAc6,time, CLAc7,time,
moriom, ERANc5, knowing time,
mors, ACAMc1, time, VPRTc1, time
mospleh, ACAMc6, horns,
motabe, VXc3, ? MATB?
moto, EMB3-1-4,robes
motu, CIALc3, knows??
moz,OSc7,joy, ACAMc2,joy, QUARc0,joy,
n, VXc3,nothing, VXc5, no
NA,EMb1-3, trinity,EMb3-1-4, EMb3-1-9, EMb3-3-1, EMb3-3-1, EMb3-3-3, EMb3-3-4, AFc3, OBc6, VXc2, VXc5,ERANc4,            ERANc6,
na EMb1-1, that, EMb1-2, that,EMb1-4,that, EMb1-5,that,EMb1-7,that,EMb2-6,that,EMb3-1-1,that,EMb3-1-2,that,
            EMb3-1-4,that,EMb3-1-4,that,EMb3-1-5,that,EMb3-1-9,that, EMb3-1-10,that,EMb3-2-2(?NA),EMb3-2-3,that,             EMb3-3-3,that,EMb3-5-1,that, EMb3-5-4,that, MAPMc1,that, MAPMc3,that MAPMc3,that, MAPMc5, of?trinity?,             MAPMc5,that, MAPMc5,that, MAPMc6,that, MAPMc7,than, PEOALc6, that, OXc3,that, CIALc5,that?3? Oc4,that,         VXc2,that, OLc7,that, QUARc6,that, DARGc4,that, VPRTc4,that,VPRTc4,that,DPRTc3,that, DPRTc5,that, DPRTc6,those,ERANc4,that,ERANc7,that,
naf, CIALc7,translucent?,EMODc6,translucent,
naji, EMb3-1-8,will,
najise, EMb2-3,willing
naka, EMb1-7,life,
naki, EMb1-7,life,EMB3-1-5,life,OSC3,life, TAXSc4,life,TAXSc5,life,
nala, EMb1-6,crosses
nalati, EMb3-1-9,cross
nalimiati, EMB3-2-2,crosses,
naltamire, EMB3-2-3,cross-torment
nana,NIc6, stone,
nanu, EMb3-2-4,stone,
nam, DAOXc4, offered/ends?
napa, EMb3-5-4,sword,
napeta, QUARc3,sword,
napta, DAOXc5,sword, DARGc3, sword,
nara, EMb3-1-10,lethal, EMb3-3-1,kill,
nares,CLAc4,kills (quenches)
naria, EMb3-1-1,lethal,
naro, EMb3-1-4, killing(destroying)
nasi,OBc6d, going, TAXSc6,walk,
nasti, DAOXc1,walking/moving,
nastik, CLAc6, walking not,
nat, EMb3-1-1, child, OBc5,child, VXc3,child,EMODc2,child,
nati, EMb3-2-3,child, OSc5,child, CLAc6, child, MAPMc1, child, MAPMc4,child, MAPMc6, child, PEOALc5,child,             CIALc2,child, CIALc5,child, DAOXc2,child, DAOXc6,child, DAOXc7, child, VPRTc3,child, EMODc5,child, OPRT5,child,
natir, EMb3-1-2,child, OXc6, the child, Oc2,the child, Oc3, the child,TAXSc3,child,
nava, OXc3, messes,
navadigi, EMb1-1, stones on the path,
naz,ERANc7, towers,
Ne, EMb2-1 holy,EMb2-6,holyness, ACAMc2,holy, Oc6,Holy, Oc7,Holy, GAc4,holy, OLc5,Holy,VPRTc5,Holy,OPRT5,Holy,          OPRTc6,Holy,
neji, EMb3-2-3,willing,
necun, EMb1-4,holy servants,
nek, EMb3-2-3, life, EMb3-3-3,life, OBc6c,Life,
neki, EMb2-2,life, CIALc2,
nepa, EMb2-2,sword
neres, EMb,3-2-1, pity,
neri-mo,EMb3-1-11, death knowing,
nes, EMc6, Walking, CIALc3,walk,
nesi, EMb3-1-5,walking
net, EMb2-7,emptyness,
neth, PEOALc1 emptyness
nethik,EMb3-1-1,Wearing full garments/emptyless
netika, EMb1-7,? being without nothing,(holy man?),EMb3-3-2,emptylessness,
NI,EMb1-6, EMb,1-6,EMb1-6, EMb2-4, EMc2, ACAMc1, NIc0, GAc2, GAc6, OBc3,TAXSc3,TAXSc3,
nik,OBc7, joined(here),
nika, OXc5,union, OBc7,joining, ERANc3,union,
nikhurz,PEOALc4, highest making? highest life?
NIU,VPRTc0, the NI28,
NO, AFc5, seven(of the AF19)
no, EMb1-4, becomes, EMb3-1-8,becoming, EMb3-3-2,becoming, EMb3-4-2, becomes, EMb3-4-2,becoming,
            EMb3-4-3,make,EMb3-5-1,become, CLAc2,becoming, MAPMc4,do, AFc5,becomes, AFc6,do, EMc5,becomes,          NIc3,become, OXc7,becoming, Oc7 becoming, GAc4,becomes, OBc1,become, DARGc2, become,
            DARGc4, becoming, VPRTc6, TAXSc0,becoming,TAXSc3,become,ERANc2,becomes,ERANc6,becoming,
nò, EMb3-4-2,song,
noa, NIc2, becomes,
nof,PDc2,translucent, PDc4,translucent, MAPMc4,translucent, DAOXc4,translucent,EMODc6,translucense,             OPRT3,translucent,
nofim,OSc6, the saying,
nogost, CIALc1,requiring, OPRTc1, providing,
nogoth,DARGc1, require, TAXSc1,require,
nogun,EMODc5,require?dome? DPRTc6, require,
noi, OSc7, becomes, OPc2,becoming, DAOXc3 becomes,VPRTc4,becomes,EMODc7,becoming
noib,QUARc7, yes,
noija, OLc2, becoming,
noin,ERANc6, become  ?
nok,EMb3-5-1, servant, VXc7,servant,ERANc3,servant,
noki, EMb3-3-1, servant,
nokia,OPc1,servants, OBc2,servant,
nokila, EMb3-3-1,servant's burning(consumption), EMB3-3-1.servants combustion,
noko, NIc7, servant, OPc2, servant,
noktosui,OXc2, reverence,
nol,DARGc3, key
nolun,EMc7 spirit,
nom, MIANc1,end,
nome, CIALc6, Ending,?
nonta, EMb1-6, earth
nosthuin,OPRT3, in midst,
not,OLc4,in midst,
noti, in midst,
nothar, LPRTc5, in midst,
notharz, OLc5,the middle
nothi, Pdc5, in the midst, MAPMc3, in the midst, DARGc2,in midst,
nothil, OSc4,between,OSc4,between, PEOALc6, empty seat, DARGc3,in midst,
nothu,OBc6b,in midst,
nothun, PDc6,in midst, MAPMc0, the middle, CIALc1, in midst, OLc1,in midst,EMODc3,in midst,
notu,DPRTc4, in midst,
nor, EMb3-2-4,son, EMb3-5-4,son,
nores, EMODc4,sons,
norim, EMb3-1-10,sons,(brothers),CLAc4,sons,
noro, EMb3-4-2,sons,
norotauni, EMb1-6,defaced sons
nos, OSc3,word, AFc5,word, ACAMc2,words, ACAMc3,word, OXc4,word, OXc4,word, CIAlc6, words, MIANc2,word, TAXSc5,word,
nup,PDc4, swords,

O, AFc1, five, AFc1, five, PEOALc6, OPc3, Oc0, Oc3, Oc7, GAc2, MIANc4, MIANc7,DARGc2,EMODc6,TAXSc4,
o, EMb1-6,called(named),EMb1-6, called,EMb1-6, called,EMb2-2,called,EMb2-2 calls,CLAc0,calling, MAPMc6,called,
            AFc6, calling, PEOALc2, calling, OPc6,calling, LPRTc6,calling,
oasiheda, CLAc7,fields/heaths
OB,CLAc5, the 28, PEOALc4,
obanasias, QUARc2, and through the limitations set, VPRTc4, ?and through these limitations? OBaNASIas-OBwalking?
OBim,PDc4, the 28, OBc0, OBc6f, DARGc3,
oberato, OSc4,fetters/coagulates,
od,CLAc6, and, CLAc6, and, CLAc7,nor, PDc5,and, PDc6,and, AFc2,and, AFc5,and, AFc6,and, PEOALc6,and, EMc0,and,       EMc4,and, EMc7,and, ACAMc3,and,ACAMc6, and, NIc2, and, OXc5, and,OXc6,and, OBc6f,and, MIANc6,and,    OLc5,and,VPRTc4,and,VPRTc7,and,EMODc4,and, DPRTc1,and, DPRTc6,and,OPRT3,and,
odo, EMb3-5-3,opens, CLAc7,open,DPRTc7, open,
odore, PDc4,?pervasive? MAPMc3, far reaching, MAPMc5, eternally?
odra, CLAc6, eternally, LPRTc5,master,
of,OSc5,mighty, CLAc3, mighty, CLAc4, might, PDc1, power, AFc5, strength, PEOALc3, Strength, PEOALc7, strength,          DAOXc2, mighty, Oc5, strength, GAc6, strength, OBc5,strength, OLc7 mighty, LPRTc3,strength, OPRTc6,excess,        ERANc3, strength,
ofa, ERANc6,strength,
ofasi, CIALc4,strength,
ofenu, VXc7,follower,(fen)
og-, MAPMc6, chamber,
Ogg, EMb1-6, chamber, MAPMc5,chamber, VXc6,chamber, OLc3,chamber,
ogia, OXc4,together with us,
ogun, MAPMc3, merchant, PEOALc2, merchant,TAXSc7,faith,
oguna, OXc4, brings here?(ogg-ona)
oi,PEOALc5, this, CIALc5,this, MIANc6, this, LPRTc2,this,
oija,EMODc5, together,(hoija?)
oije, OSC3,together, CIAlc1,together, VPRTc3, together,DPRTc6,together,
oku, OBc2,chamber,
OL, OPc3,24, OLc0, OLc4, DPRTc6, OPRTc6,
ol,PDc7,my, EMc6, my, ACAMc1,my, OXc2,my,GAc7,me,OBc3,my,VXc3,my?
olani, Oc5,
olianu, ACAMc2, making,
oli, OBc7,made
olia,EMODc3, creating,
oliènup, ACAMc7, making,
oliethun, MAPMc3, highest creation,
olon, EMb3-5-2, pouring(?), EMc7, it is made,
olpirt, OPRTc0, the flame of light,
olprt,OPRTc6, the flame of light,
om, EMb2-4,understand, CLAc6, understanding, DARGc6, understanding, DPRTc1,understanding,
oma, OSC1,understanding,
omi,MIANc4, understand,
omis, NIc0, acknowledges,
omistan, AFc4, names, PEOALc3,names,
on, EMb1-7, made,EMb2-7,made,EMb3-1-4,making, EMb3-5-2,makes, CLAc3,making, CLAc5, made, MAPMc4,made,           ACAMc0,made, GAc6,made, LPRTc3,made,TAXSc4,made,
ona, EMb1-6,making,EMb2-5,making, CLAc7,making,
oni, AFc2, making,
onia,GAc6,making, TAXSc5,making,
oniaxita, NIc4, ambitious?
onix,LPRTc4, making,
ont, EMb3-3-2,pouring,
onto, EMb1-6, pouring, EMb3-1-6,pouring,EMb3-1-7,pouring, EMb3-2-4,pouring,CLAc5,pouring, PEOALc5,brings forth,    NIc2, releases, NIc2,releases, CIALc6,flow, CIALc7, flow, OPc2,fillings,Oc1, flow, OLc5,streaming, LPRTc1,flow, LPRTc2,flow, OPRT5,streaming,
onu,EMc1, making, NIc6, making,OPc4,making, OPc4,making, OBc2,making, OBc6a,making,VXc7,making,             EMODc3,making, OPRTc2,making,
onufk, CIALc1, guardian,
onus, CIALC4,making. OPc1, making,EMODc4,making,
onusa, OLc3,making,
OP, ACAMc7, 22, OPc0, OPc6, DAOXc4, DAOXc5,DARGc4,ERANc6,
ops, ACAMc2, begging,
or,EMODc5, lust,
ore, PEOALc3, dark? LPRTc4,rich,
ores, DAOXc5, dark, TAXSc7, dark?
orethusa,MIANc3,we shall be without?
oria, QUARc4,celebrate,TAXSc3,celebrate,
oriaxa, OPc3,success, OBc7, celebration,
orieta, CLAc3, celebrating, LPRTc3, celebrating,
orietha,LPRTc6, celebrate,
orion, CIALc2,celebrating,
oritha, OLc5, celebration,?
orp, CLAc2, follower, AFc5,follower, ACAMc5, follower, DARGc5,follower,
orpa,OXc3, the follower,
ors, PEOALc3,black ?, ACAMc0, black, MIANc2,black, VXc6,darkness,ERANc1,dark
OS, EMb3-4-2,12, EMb3-5-5,12, OSC0,12, CLAc1,12, EMb0-1, MAPMc3, AFc5, the 12 of AF, VXc6, QUARc5, VPRTc2, TAXSc4,      OPRT4,OPRT5,
osia,CLAc6,burning, OXc5, flames, CIAlc1,burns, DARGc3,burns, VPRTc5,burning,
osianda, PEOALc4,burning,
osianes, CLAc4,burning, PDc5,burning, OBc7,burning,
ot, OSc7, excessive power, NIc5, powerful ?, DAOXc4, excessive power, LPRTc2, power,
otiam, DAOXc5,bringing forth,
oth,ERANc3, more,
oto, PEOALc3,more of the former adjective, 2nd strength adj. DPRTc3,(excesses)
otun,CLAc6, empowered ?, PEOALc4, redeemed?, CIALc5,redeems, Oc5,redemption, OBc2,redeem, OBc3, redeem,           OBc6f,redemption, EMODc6,ressurrect,
otinu, OSc5, redemption,
ou-, PDc1, calling,
ovia,DPRTc2,2nd, ERANc7,mingle? the 2nd,
ovie,OPRTc6, the 2nd,
oViu, LPRTc6,the 2nd(calling the 2nd?)
ovof, CLAc6, magnified, PEOALc1,magnify, ACAMc1,increasing, ACAMc1,magnified, MIANc2, magnified, MIANc5,magnify,
OX,OXc0, 26,

Pa,EMb3-1-3, being, OSc7,being, CLAc6, being, CLAc7,being,ACAMc3,being, CIAlc0,being, DAOXc1, being, LPRTc4,being,            VPRTc4,being,
paf, OPRTc1, sin,
paia,EMb1-3, always
PA-I-ON, EMb2-1,2nd EM spirit,
paim, EMODc5, being? (resting?)
paj, EMb3-2-4,For? AFc6, for
paja, MAPMc6, being?
pajan,EMODc2, rest,
pajim,EMODc6, laid away (stretched out),
pajina, EMb3-1-6, stretching out, DPRTc2, stretching out,
pal, CLAc6, formulates, PEOALc3,formulates, EMODc1,formulate, EMODc4,formulate, EMODc5,formulation, OPRTc2,formulate, OPRT4,formulate,
pala, PDc4,formulation, OPRTc6, formulate,
palajan-teria, MIANc6,this formulations becoming,
palan-teria, GAc6, formulation of becoming?
pa-las-teri, EMb3-1-5,divided-becoming,?formatting
pamprasqui, MAPMc3, Holy Oil, DAOXc7,Holy oil,
PaNI, EMb2-4,group 2 & 4 of NI,EMB3-1-6,
panu,LPRTc4, honey,
panu-li-pa,EMODc3,the Honey of being the one,
panus,LPRTc5, honey,
parajo, EMb3-5-1,fire
PARAKATI,PDc3, EM spirit,
PARAMA, EMb2-4, EM spirit,
PARAMAON, EMb3-1-9,EM spirit,
parastia, EMb2-2, fire of comfort,
paratisi, ACAMc1, virgins,
paratziki, MIANc2,fierymystery?/pratisi?
pares,PEOALc1,fire's, OLc2,flaming, OLc3,flaming, 1PRTc1,flaming,
paretzi, MAPMc3, enflaming
pari, EMb3-1-7,burns, LPRTc2,burning, LPRTc3,burning,
pars, OBc3, fiery, DPRTc6,flame,
path, TAXSc5, figure/posture
pathe,1PRTc1,going to,
PAZ,AFc5, aethyr, LPRTc3,being them(pa-zod)
pazia, CIALC4, them, LPRTc2, the brothers fight,
pazikas, CLAc5, master,
pazterim, DARGc5, their fight become,
PD,PDc0, 33
pe, EMb1-6, being, EMb1-6,your, EMb1-7,your,EMb2-1,your,EMb2-2,your,EMb2-2,your,EMb2-2,for,EMb3-2-4,for,
pei, EMb3-1-2,for,EMb3-1-5,for, EMb3-1-8,for, EMBb-1-9,for, EMb3-1-10,for,EMb3-3-1,for,EMb3-3-2,for,EMb3-3-2,for,    EMb3-4-2,for,EMb 3-5-5,for, CLAc5,sicles? MAPMc3,for, EMc4, for,EMc7, for, GAc2,for, OLc4,for, OLc5,for,             LPRTc4,for,VPRTc5,for,VPRTc6,for,
peii, EMb3-2-1,sicles, EMb3-4-1,for,
peijim,CIALc7, sicles,
pej,EMb3-1-4,for, EMb3-4-2,for,
peja, EMb1-7, your
peji, EMb3-2-3,rests, EMb3-4-3,rests,
pejim,PEOALc5, sicles, OBc6c,sicle, EMODc0,sicles, EMODc7, sicles,
pejima, OLc3,sicles,
pejilo, EMb3-5-2, sicle,
pejina, EMb2-4,stretches out, EMb3-1-8.stretches out
pejiqstra, EMb3-3-1, the sicles release,
pejitar, EMb2-3,stretches out
pejodo,  EMb3-3-3,split open
pejolo, EMb3-1-9, sicle,
pejona, EMb3-2-2, heavenly, EMb3-5-3, sicle,
pejonora, EMb3-3-1, pej-ono-ra for making regret,
pejonorak, EMb3-1-6, Heavenly no-son,
pejonto, EMb3-1-11, heavenly,
pejontolosa, EMb3-1-5, heavenly riches,
pekil, EMb3-1-11, apprentice, PEOALc5, apprentice, OBc6e,apprentice,
pekitar, EMb2-3,stretching out
pel,EMb3-1-4,the black,stiff,frozen fire, EMb3-4-2, black fire,EMb3-5-2,black fire, PDc4,black fire,PDc5,stiff fire,             LPRTc5,black fire,OPRTc2,black fire,
pele,CLAc5, black fire, DAOXc2, black fire,EMODc4,black fire,
peli, EMb3-1-11, the black fire,EMb3-2-4,black stiff fire,
pelia, EMb3-5-5,the invisible fire,
pelin, EMc3, the black fire,
pen, EMb3-1-4,furs, EMb3-3-2,furs, EMbN3-5-2,furs,
pena, EMb1-7,the furs,EMb3-5-1,Furs(peNA) ACAMc4,PeNA,
peNI, EMb1-6, group1& 3 of NI,EMb2-4,EMb3-1-6,EMb3-5-1, ACAMc4, Oc2, ERANc1,
peno,EMb3-5-3, furs,
pent, EMb2-4,stinging,
per, EMb1-4,burning, EMb3-5-5,fire,
pera,MAPMc6, fire,
perabil, CIALc4,fiery ones restriction??
PERDOII,EMb3-4-3,EM spirit
peri,EMb3-5-4, fire,
perim,AFc6, run along, OLc3,run with,
peregi, EMb3-3-2,fire,
pereijo, EMb3-4-3,fire,
pereji, EMb2-6,fire
perenu,EMB2-5, fire
peres,EMB2-4,the fire, DAOXc2,fire, DAOXc7, fiery,TAXSc2,fire,
perest, EMb2-2, fiery
peres-tak, EMb2-1,fiery feet,
perestoka, EMb2-5, firemountain
pereti, EMb3-3-4, light,
peretzi, ERANc6, light,
peri, EMb3-1-3,fire
perim, PDc5,running with?burning for,
peria, EMb3-3-4, fire,
PERIAK, EMb1-7, 1st EM spirit,
perijo, EMb3-1-9,fire,
PERIKO, EMb3-1-5,1st EM (PERIAK),
PERIO, EMb1-4,3rd EM spirit,EMb3-1-3, EMb3-1-5, EMb3-2-3, EMb3-2-3,
periodon, EMb1-6, brothers fight
periodonto, EMb3-1-9, brothers full fight,
periona, EMb3-2-2,(peri-ona) fire made,
perji, EMb2-7,fire
Però, EMb3-4-2, PERIO of the EM,
pesita, EMb3-3-1,the weak fire, LPRTc2,the weak fire, VPRTc4,the weak fire,
pesital,OPRT5,the fire of weakness,
pet, EMb3-2-2, for, EMB3-3-1,going to,
peta,Oc3,going to,
pethi, EMb3-2-2,going to,
peti, EMb3-1-1,going to,EMb3-1-10, going to, EMb3-3-2,go to, EMb3-3-4, going to,
petik, EMb3-5-4,not going to,
pi, EMb3-3-3,place, PDc2,place, MAPMc1, AFc5, place, CIAlc3,place, GAc6,place,
pil, MAPMc3, firmament? MAPMc5,firmament?black fire? PEOALc3,firmament, EMODc3,firmament,
pina, Oc7,travelling,
pinos,EMc3, Straywalking,
pir, OPRTc6,holy one,
pire,OPRTc1, the Holy One,
pirem,OPRTc2, the Holy one,
pire-onu, ACAMc7, the making of the Holy one,
pireta, ACAMc1, lucid, LPRTc6, flame,
pirestrial,EMc7, enlightening and consuming
pirim,MAPMc4, holy one, AFc2, Holy One, PEOALc3, Holy One, EMc4, the Holy one, OXc7,Holy One,
plati, EMb3-4-3,partaker, DAOXc5, partaker,
plostra, EMb2-3,the variety(the many)
pm, VXc5, make
po, EMb1-1 divided, EMc4, divides,
poi, EMb3-1-8, divide, LPRTc6, divides,
poj, EMb3-3-2,divide, EMb3-5-2,divide,
pon, EMb3-1-4, destroys, GAc3, destruction,
por, EMb3-5-2,lusts,
pores,DARGc2, lust,
prathisi, EMb 3-5-3,virgins,
pratisi, EMb1-1, Virgins.ACAMc4, virgins,
praxipol, PDc6, Living in the world,
prt, LPRTc0, flame, DPRTc0,flame,DPRTc5,flame,
qanis, EMb2-3, olive
qlzrt, EMb3-1-11, maidens,
qoilin, QUARc3, mute,
qooloimo, EMb3-5-3, creators kiss,
qoulemanu,EMb2-7, Creator within
qua,EMODc4,garments,? TAXSc4,
quaiin, DAOXc6, olives,
quan, EMb2-7,creation,EMb3,1,5, creation, EMb3-2-1,creation,EMb3-2-1,creation,
quani, EMb3-1-11, olives, PDc5,olive,
quanis, EMb2-6,olive,EMb3-1-2,olives
quanisi EMb1-1, olives
QUAR, CLAc6, The 1636, OPc4, VXc6, QUARc1,
QUARant,VPRTc5, the QUAR's stream
quasar, EMb1-6, pleasure
quasb, PEOALc5, destruction, ACAMc3, destruction,DARGc3, destroys,
quasi,CLAc5, pleasant
quasihe, DPRTc3, pleasures,
quasinor, EMb3-4-1, pleasant son
quat, EMb2-5,creator, EMb2-7,creators, EMb3-1-3,creation,
quati, EMb3-1-2,creators,EMb3-1-3,creators.EMB3-1-7, creators, EMb3-1-10, creations?,EMb3-1-10,creation?,
            EMB3-2-1,creators,EMb3-2-4,creators, EMb3-5-3, creators, EMb3-5-4,creators, EMb3-5-5, creators
quato,EMb2-5, creator,EMb3-1-3,creator,EMb3-1-6,Creation?
queli, EMb3-1-10, disappear from earth,
quen, EMb3-5-1, created
quenti, EMb3-3-1,rottenness, NIc1, awful,
quesar, EMb1-2, destruction
quesiheres, DARGc1, most pleasant,
quetina, EMb3-1-8,rottenness
queto, EMb2-6,creation
qurasti, EMb3-1-5,maidens

r, EMc5, shall?
ra, EMb1-6,regret,EMb1-7,regret,EMb1-7,regret,EMb2-5,regrettable,EMb3-1-7,regret,,EMb3-1-11,regrettable,
            EMb3-2-2,regret,EMb3-3-3,regret, EMb3-4-1,regret, EMb3-5-2,regret, EMb3-5-4,regret, OBc6b, regret,
rabi, OBc2, mourning (ra-bi=voice of regret)
raas,PEOALc6, the East, Oc7,the east,
rai, PEOALc2,cold?, OXc4,cold, Oc7,cold,
raki, EMb,1-6, tears,EMb3-1-1,weeping,EMb3-1-4,weeping,EMb3-1-4,weeping,
rakajita, EMb2-6,weeping,
rami, EMb1-6, accelerates
ram, EMb2-3,builds up,
rama,EMb1-6 regret,EMb3-2-4,coldness?
ramzakal, EMb1-4, regrets with 456,
ran, EMb1-4, cold, PEOALc4,cold,
rana,EMb1-1 cold
ranousli, EMb3-1-2, home,
rat,EMODc1, hard,
rathi, EMb3-5-5,
rati, EMb1-6, hardening, EMb1-7 slave,EMb3-1-2,hard(slave?),EMb3-1-4,slave, PDc0,slave, PDc1,slaves, PDc2,slaves, PDc4,slaves, OXc7, hard, OPc4,slaves, OBc4,slaves, OBc5,slaves, VXc6,slaves, QUARc1, slaves, DARGc1,slavery,        DARGc3,slave, VPRTc1,slave, VPRTc5,slave,EMODc6,hard,OPRTc7,hard,ERANc3,hard,
ratienu, PEOALc5, slaves
reiji, EMb3-1-4,wand
reti, EMb1-7 hardening,EMb3-1-9, hardens, EMb3-1-10,harden, EMb3-5-3,hard, DAOXc3,hard
re, EMb1-3, cunning, EMb1-5, cunning, MAPMc1, cunning, PEOALc3,cunning, EMc5, cunning, OPc2,smart, OPc4,cunning,            Oc2,smart, MIANc4,ingenious, DARGc6, cunning,OPRT5,cunning,ERANc4,ingenious,
re-i-va, EMc4 cunning-is-like/visciousness,
ri, EMb1-6, mercy, OXc3, make even, OPRT3,even,
riatha, DAOXc0,rebell?ri-atha,make-even,?
riga, EMb3-1-4,core,
rna,OPRTc6, fallen,
ro, AFc1, gone, ACAMc1, gone, ACAMc2,gone, OXc4,gone, GAc3,gone, OBc3, gone,
rogo, EMb3-5-1, coated,
rogun, PDc1, coats, MIANc1,robe, DPRTc3,coat,
roi, EMb3-1-4,sunrise,OSc4,sunrise, MAPMc3, sunrise, NIc3,sunrise, OPc1,sunrise, OBc6, sunrise, QUARc6,sunrise,        ERANc2,sunrise,
ron, OLc7, sunset, DARGc5, sunset,
roni, EMb1-2,sunset
rop, OSC2,midnight
ror, AFc3, the Sun,
rors,EMODc5, sun,
rotie,DARGc3, rebelling(guarding?)
roto, OSc6, rebelling, CLAc6, rebelling,
rta,QUARc6, as,seems like,
sa, EMb1-6 inside, EMb1-7, the inside, EMb2-1, and, VXc3,inside, EMODc3,within, OPRT3,inside,ERANc3,within,
saf, Oc7, ? (carried out ? feelings)
sagi, EMb3-1-4, awful,
sai,ACAMc2,awful, ERANc7,the fallen,
saii, EMb3-1-4,black brother(fallen),EMb 3-1-11, black, EMb3-5-2,fallen,
saiin, OBc6a,troubled, VXc3,fallen,
saiiono, EMb3-2-2,temple,
saj, EMb,fallen
saji, EMb2-4, awfully
sajim, OXc3, black?
sajin,EMb1-4,black brother,VPRTc3,black brothers,
sak, EMb1.4,my,EMb1-7 my,EMb2-7,my,EMb3-1-3,my, EMb3-1-8,my,EMb3-1-8, my,EMb3-1-9( ),EMb2-1-9,my,
            EMb3-1-10, of mine,EMb3-2-4,my,EMb3-2-4,my,EMb3-3-3,my,EMb3-4-3,my, EMb3-5-1,my, EMb3-5-2,my,
            EMb3-5-4,mine, PDc5,my, PDc5,my, PEOALc1,my, PEOALc5,my, OLc5,my,EMODc3,my,EMODc7,my,TAXSc5,my,
saka, EMb1-3, my
sakba,VXc3, the fool,
saki, EMb2-4,mine,EMb2-7,my,EMb3-1-3,mine,EMb3-1-9,mine, EMb3-1-9,my,EMb3-2-2,mine, EMb3-3-1,my,
            EMb3-5-5,my, VXc1,my, OPRTc7,my,ERANc3,my, ERANc4,my,
sakia, EMb3-1-3,me
sakil, NIc5, my
sakila, EMb3-3-2,my consumption,
sal, EMb1-4,house
sala, EMb3-1-1,wonders, OBc1,wonders, OBc6b,wonders,
sald, Oc1, wonders,
salman,GAc0, house, GAc5, house,
samevelg, OXc6 righteous, VXc7, righteous,
sani, EMb3-2-3,parts,
sapah, DAOXc6, the mighty sounds,
sapahe, DAOXc5,sounds, Oc0, sounds,
sapi, EMODc7,star
sapil, CLAc3, stars,
sat, OSc5, requires, ACAMc7,provided,GAc6 provides, VXc7,provided, VXc7,provide,
sata,EMc1, requires,
sathajia, EMb1-3, openness
sati, EMb3-3-1, requires,EMb3-4-3, requires, PDc3, provides, PDc5,provides, Oc2,requires, MIANc3,requires,             MIANc6,requires, LPRTc4, provides, LPRTc7, require,VPRTc6,require,EMODc2,needs,DPRTc2,requires,             TAXSc0,needs to, TAXSc7,provides,ERANc6,needing,
satije, MIANc4, provides,
satin, QUARc4,requires,
satinuji,CLAc2, explain, EMc2 provide? explains! OBc3?provides?
satiue, VPRTc4,requires,
satvi, OPc7 task,
sav, EMb2-6, feel, OBc6a,feelings, ERANc6,feeling,
savina, EMb2-6,enters
savji, EMb2-7, feeling,
savjon, EMb3-5-1,temple?
saz, OPRT3,unity,
SAZIAMI, OBc2,governor in Aethyr ZAA,
se,Oc3,and so, OLc5, and so,
sefi, EMb1-2, feels like,EMb1-7 feelings
seg, EMb1-7,awfulness,EMb3-1-9, the awful,
sej, EMb1-4, bad, AFc6, wickedness, OBc3, bad?
seje, NIc2,black brother, NIc4, black
seji, EMb2-7,black brother
sejin, OBc2, black brother, VXc7,black brother,
sejina, EMb2-7,temple
sejio, EMb2-3,black brother,
sejio-nor, EMb3-1-7, fallen son,
sejona, EMb3-1-7, earthly?
sek,EMb3-1-6,mine, EMb3-1-7,my, EMb3-2-1,my,EMb3-2-2,my,EMb3-2-3,mine, EMb3-2-4,my,EMb3-3-2,my,
            EMb3-5-4,my,OSC2,my, CLAc6, my, AFc2,my, PEOALc3,my,ACAMc4,my, OXc6,my, OXc7,my,GAc4,my, OBc6f,my,       OLc7,my,VPRTc3,my,VPRTc3,my,ERANc7,my
sekia, EMb3-5-3, mine,
seki, EMb1-3, mine,EMb1-6,mine,EMb3-1-5,mine,EMb3-1-5,mine,EMb3-1-8,mine, EMb,3-3-4,mine, EMb3-5-4,mine
sekil, EMb3-1-11,mine, EMb3-3-3,mine,
sekio, EMb2-6,mine,EMb3-1-1,my, EMb3-1-11, mine, EMb3-5-3,mine
sekit, EMb2-6, mine
sekun, EMb1-4, of mine
sel, EMb1-5,hands, EMb2-3,hands
sela, EMb3-1-1,hands, EMc6, hand,
selig, EMb1-1 handless,EMB3-1-2,handless, EMb3-1-9,( ),
sem, EMb3-5-3, overwhelms,
sep, PEOALc6, star,
sepa,Oc4, vessel,
sepi, DAOXc6, stars,
sepin,MIANc3, star,
sepon, MIANc1,star,
ser,DAOXc1, sorrow,
serim, EMc3,sorrow,
ses, EMb3-5-5,axe,
set, EMb1-5,needed, Oc1, needing, VXc1,requires, VXc6,requiring, LPRTc6, requiring,
sethun, DAOXc5, needs to,
seti,LPRTc5,requiring, OPRTc6,requiring,
setia, EMb1-3, required
set-i-anu, OPc5,necessity's becoming
setij, EMc4,requires/will necessarily
setija, ACAMc3, revealed,
sevi, EMb1-4,? seVi?the 2nd?, sevi,EMb1-6,feelings,EMb2-5,feelings
sevia, EMb1-7, feelings
sez,NIc4,axe, OLc1,axe, QUARc5,axe, QUARc5,axe, EMODc7, axe,
si, EMb3-4-1,finishes, EMb3-4-2,finishes,OSC2,end, CLAc7,ceases, AFc0, finishers, MIANc3, finish, VXc7,end, VXc7,end,        EMODc2,stops, TAXSc5,finish, OPRT5,finishing,
sieta,CIALc2, finished off,
sik, EMb1-3 mystery,OSC2,mystery, CLAc2,mystery, EMc2, mystery, OBc2,mystery, VXc7,mystery,VPRTc1,mystery,        DPRTc3,mystery,DPRTc4,mystery,
sikale, Oc7,mystery,
sinieol, ACAMc5, washing,
smazio, DARGc6, moving about,
sna, EMb3-5-1,motion,
so, EMb1-2, visit,EMb3-1-9, visit, ACAMc1,visit, NIc6, visit, OXc2, visits, Oc3,visits, VXc2,visit, VXc7, visits,EMODc4,visit,
soba, EMc4, who, OLc2,who's, QUARc3, who's,
sof,VXc3, ? LPRTc5, discord?
soi, OBc5,perplexion, ERANc3,perplexion, ERANc4,perplexion
sokh,OSc7,reigner, AFc4,reigning, DAOXc3,reigner, 1PRTc0, rules, DARGc3,ruler
sokhe, Oc2, reigner,
sokhil,OSc3, reigning measurer,
sokhurz, MAPMc4, reigner,
soko, EMb3-1-6, reigner(the magus, demiurge),EMb3-3-2,reigner, OPRTc1,reigner,
sol,DARGc2, hand,
solo, EMb3-1-4,hands
sonez, ACAMc7,
sonia,VXc7, forming,
soninal, EMb3-5-5, the entities of earth,
sono, EMb3-2-1, forms,
sonuf, LPRTc3, reigns,
sop, DARGc3,star?vessel!
sor,Oc5,flight, OBc4, flight,
sore,DAOXc4, flight,
sos, OPc3,turn with, Oc4,turns, GAc2,swings, OBc2, turns,VPRTc5,encircling,
sosi, QUARc3, turning,
soti, VXc3,according to,
sna, EMb3-5-3, moves, EMb3-5-5,moves, OPRTc6,moves,
snani,OPRTc6, moves,
snar, EMb3-2-1, motion,
snati, MIANc6, wandering,(stressed)
snav, EMb3-5-2, movement,
sne, ACAMc1,moves,
snokh, NIc1,noises,
snokhi, MAPMc4,noise,
spav, EMb2-5,cry in utter joy
sta, OXc6,released,
stark,OPRTc1, release not,
stim, QUARc3,willing(astim)
stoij, VXc1, aches me,? carried out,
stok, OXc6, released
strok, DARGc5, release,?
stral, EMc0, release,

t, EMb2-3, its, OSc7,it, NIc5,to,ERANc3,it,
ta, EMb1-6,as, EMb2-1,in the, EMb2-2,as,EMb2-7,thee(as?),EMb2-7,as,EMb3-1-1,as,EMb3-1-3,thee,EMb3-1-4,as,
            EMb3-1-4,as, EMb3-1-4,as,EMb3-1-4,as,EMb3-2-1,as, AFc5,like, CIALc0,as, CIAlc6,as, GAc2, like, OBc6a, as,       VPRTc0,as,
tabaan,DPRTc1, guardian,
taii, EMb2-2,lit
taiji, VXc3,lits
tajo, EMb2-2,your,EMB3-5-4,your,
taj, EMb3-3-2,lit,
taji, EMb2-3,your
tajik, EMb2-3, lits not,
tajo-no-i, EMb2-2,lits becomes and is,
tak,PEOALc2,feet, ACAMc5,feet, OPRT3,feet,
tal, EMb2-4, excess, PDc4,excess, OPc1,excess, DARGc5,excess,EMODc1,excess,TAXSc2,excess,OPRTc2,excess,
tala, EMb3-1-1,expansion
talà, EMb3-2-3,all,
talajo, EMb2-4,these creatures,
talasa, EMb2-2,excesses,
tami,DAOXc5, churning?
-tan,MAPMc5,balance, OPc3,balance, OBc3, balance,
tani,PDc7,balance, CIAlc1, balance, CIALc2,balance, DARGc3,balance
tanu,DPRTc2, balance,
tar, EMb2-3, going forth,
tara, EMb1-7, shall be, ERANc1, become,
tare,CLAc2,becoming, EMc3,becomes, NIc7,becomes, OBc3,becoming,
tares, EMb2-7 becoming
tari, EMb3-1-2,shall be, LPRTc3,becomes,TAXSc1,becomes,ERANc6,becomes,
tarianu,OLc4, shall be,
tarja, EMb1-7, creatures, CIAlc1,creatures,
tarke, EMb2-4,ladder,
tarkes, EMb2-3,ladder(therkes)
tarz, OXc6,do,
tas, OXc4,here,
TAXaS,TAXSc0, The TAXS7336,
taz, PEOALc2,here, OXc1,here,DARGc7,here, OPRTc2,here,
te, EMb1-6,it EMb1-7,as EMb2-1, have,EMb3-1-2,the,MAPMc4,? PEOALc1,as PEOALc5,for, EMc7, ACAMc2, for, OXc4,it is,       CIAlc4 ,for, OBc6,to the,EMODc3,for,EMODc3,for, EMODc4,for,EMODc6,for,TAXSc3,for,
tei, EMb3-3-3,lit
tej, EMb3-3-2,lit
tejo,EMb2-3, your,EMb3-1-4,lit,EMb3-1-4,lit,EMb3-1-10,lit, NIc2,your, OXc7,your, MIANc3,your, LPRTc6, litting?(your?)
tek,OBc6e,unknowingness, DPRTc6, "mindlost"
tekil, EMb3-1-5,unknowing
tel, EMb3-2-1,all(tol), EMb3-5-3,seats(thil),EMb3-5-4?, AFc5, decides, PEOALc1,course,PEOALc2,appears?decides?       DAOXc2,course, DAOXc5, aim, GAc4,course, GAc6, course, OBc2,course, LPRTc2,determined, EMODc7,course,
telin,CLAc5, course, CLAc5, course, CLAc6, course, GAc5,the ways, OBc3,course,OPRTc1,course,
telio, OSc3, course, AFc3,course,
teliko, EMb3-1-8, death,
ten, PDc1, tame/servile, OBc2,domesticated,DPRTc3,tamed,
tenik, EMb3-1-3,wild(untame)
teresa, EMb2-2,becoming
terejo, EMb2-4,shall be,EMB2-6,become, EMB3-5-1,becomes,
teren, EMb2-6, go forth
teri, EMb3-1-2,shall be,
teria, EMb1-7, shall be
terianu,VXc7,shall be,
terien, EMb3-3-3,shall be,
terim, CLAc6, shall be, PDc4,becomes, PEOALc2,to be, ERANc1, to become, ERANc3,becomes,
terio, EMb1-6, shall be, becomes,EMB3-1-11,shall be, EMB3-3-2,shall--be
tes, OPc2,forbidding, OPc3, forbidding,
teti, OPc4,cycles,
tha la, EMb1-5, in the excesses
thari, EMb3-1-1, that shall be,EMB3-1-1,shall be
thati, EMb,1-6, the cycles
the, EMb1-3, as
thedit, EMb,1-6, work the
theja, EMb,1-7, your
therkes, EMb1-5, ladder
theri, EMb1-7,shall be, EMb1-7,becomes
thero, EMb1-3, therefore
thil, EMb3-1-11,seats,EMb0-1,seats, PEOALc5, seat, ACAMc1,seats, ACAMc3,seat, CIALc5, seat, DAOXc4,seats, Oc3,seat,        Oc6,seat, OLc0,seats, OLc1,seats, OLc3,seats, OLc4, seats, 1PRTc0,seats, 1PRTc1,seats ,LPRTc4,seats, LPRTc6,seats,         DARGc3,seat,VPRTc5,seats,DPRTc2,seats,TAXSc7,seats,
ti, EMb1-7,it is(t i) EMb1-7,it is,EMb3-1-4,its, LPRTc3,it is, DARGc2, it is,EMODc7,it,ERANc1,it,
tijo, EMb2-3, lits
tik, EMb1-7, man, Oc7, man,
tika, EMb1-7,man,EMb2-6,man, EMb2-6,man
tila, EMb3-3-2,seats,
timolum, EMb3-1-10, wooden work,
tiriom,LPRTc6, pursues forth,
tizian, OPc6,that no thing hears,
to,MAPMc1,main, EMc5, main, OXc6,main, Oc7,main, OBc4,main, DARGc5,main,EMODc5,main,
toe, EMc2, essence,
toi, VXc2,lits, ERANc7, lits,
toinup, OBc5,lits,
toj, EMb3-3-2,lit, OXc6,lits,
tojo, EMb3-3-4,lit,
tok, EMb3-1-11, mountain, Oc5,mountain, DPRTc5,mountain, TAXSc4,mountain,ERANc1,mountain,
toka,DARGc1, mountain,
toki, EMb3-5-2,mountain,
tol, EMb2-7, all, OSc4, all, PEOALc1,all, OBc6d,totally, LPRTc7,all, TAXSc1,all,OPRT5, all,
tolè, OPRT3, all,
toleodari,LPRTc1,whole self,
tolo, EMb3-2-1, absolute(all),
ton, EMb3-1-4, whole,OSC1,whole, CLAc6,all, CIAlc1,the whole,GAc1,all, GAc2,all, OBc0, all, MIANc4,all,EMODc4,             EMODc5,all,
tonik,VPRTc2,devoid of all,
tonu, DAOXc2,all,
tonugi, GAc7,defaced, OBc5,defaced,
tonuj, CLAc3, defaced, CLAc7, defaced,
tonos,TAXSc1, all, (ton-OS?)
tonus,MAPMc2, all?
tora, EMb2-3, sustains, EMb3-4-2,sustains
toreo,CLAc5, sustained,
tores, VXc7,sustains,OPRT3,sustained,
toreti,DARGc3, sustained,
toria, EMb3-5-3,sustains, NIc7, sustains,
torim, GAc2,sustained,
toro, EMb2-4,sustain
torona, EMb3-4-1, sustains
tors,NIc5, sustaining,
torun,DARGc1, stay, TAXSc6, sustained,
torzu, VXc2, arise,
torzul, MIANc6, arise,
torzulg,ERANc7, arising.
tosia, OBc2, ?
tox,LPRTc6, his (?)
traja, EMb2-3,seed
trajo, EMb3-3-1, becoming, no! seed.
tranu, EMb2-7, marrow
trof,ERANc1, building
trokij, EMb2-5, mind
tuari, EMb3-2-1, shall be

U,VPRTc5, the 2nd,
uat,EMB3-1-3,made, VXc3,made,
uatij,EMB3-1-5, making
uja,EMB3-5-2, made,(here/present?)
un-OPRTc6, (prefix) made (on)
uta, OXc5, made,
uti, AFc4 splendour,VPRTc6, splendor,

varan, AFc5, seer, ACAMc2, seer, CAc4,seer,
varanu, CLAc4, the seer, OLc5, the seer, OLc7,the seer,
varim, EMc3,watches,
varunn, EMb1-5, seeing
vaunn, EMb1-5, seeing, EMODc2,truth,
Va, EMb1-5, like,EMb3-1-4,as, CLAc3, like, EMc1,like, NIc3,as to, Oc3,like, QUARc5,like,
vah, EMb1-3, as, OXc3,like,
vaktarim, EMb2-1, living essence of breath,
vai, EMb1-3 second
vaijta, AFc5,listening,
vaian, Oc4,waiting, Oc6,waiting, LPRTc5, listening
vaina, AFc5,listening?
vaita, CLAc5, listens,
vaiti, OXc7, listening,
van, EMb1-4, neither, CLAc6, neither, CLAc7,neither, AFc4,neither, OPc1,neither, Oc5,neither, MIANc1,neither,             DPRTc4,neither,
vanes, OLc3, invokes,?
vani, EMb2-1, invoked, ACAMc7 summoning, Oc3 calling, DARGc1, calling,
vanu, CLAc5, invoking, PEOALc5, calls, OPc7,invoking,LPRTc4,invoking,EMODc4,calling,
vaors, CLAc6, over,
vas, OLc3,true
vasti, EMb2-5, truly,
vat, OSc3, hearing?, NIc6, make, MIANc1, measure
vata, DARGc1, making,ERANc6, ideal? measured
vati, CIALc4, beasts,? EMODc7,measured, DPRTc4,measured,TAXSc2, made,
vatin, CLAc3, measuring,
vatva, NIc5, sunbeast, QUARc5,beast,
VAX,VXc0, 42,
ve, EMb1-6,like,EMb1-5,like, EMb1-6,as, EMb1-7 like,TAXSc6, like,OPRTc6,like,
vei, EMb1-6, second
veii, EMb2-2, second, OBc1,seem like,
veiio, EMb2-5, perfected(?2nd)
veiita, EMb3-1-1, making
veiiti, EMb3-1-1,comes from, CLAc2, creating, AFc3,comes from
veijia, EMb2-5,the 2nd
veit, EMb1-2,comes from, EMb3-5-4,comes from
vekti,EMb1-6, mute cry
vekto,EMb2-3,mute cry
ven,EMb2-3,neither, LPRTc3, neither, TAXSc2,neither
veni,DAOXc2,summon, OBc4,summon, ERANc1, invoke,
venis,AFc5, summon,
venu,Oc2, summons,
veon, CIALc0,fortune,
veria, NIc6, vast,
ves, GAc2, truth, OBc7,truth,
vet, EMb2-4,makes,EMb2-7,makes,EMb3-1-3,made,EMb3-2-2,make, Oc2,makes, QUARc6,made,
veti, EMb3-1-9,comes from, CIAlc1,making. Oc4,comes from, Oc7,making,
vetia,Oc5, making,
vetio, EMb3-1-1, the making,
vetha, EMb1-1 sembles, looks like,EMb1-2, assimilating
vethi, EMb1-4,seems to, EMb1-6, making
vethik, EMb1-4,illusionary,EMb2-7,unmade,Illusionary, PEOALc4, not made, EMc7, not made,
vethurz, PEOALc1, highest making,
Vi, AFc5, second, EMc,2nd, EMc5, OXc4, OPc7, OLc2, LPRTc3,VPRTc4,DPRTc5,
Vienu,LPRTc7, the 2nd,
vil, OBc2, pray?attain?
vilem, ACAMc4, attaining, DAOXc, attaining, OBc6c, attain, OLc5,attainment, ERANc7,attaining,
vinu, OBc6b, pray, QUARc4,pray,LPRTc3,pray,
vinutaz,OBc6f, prayers,
Viu,VPRTc0, the 2nd, VPRTc4, VPRTc7,
vohim, DAOXc6, grand, DARGc1, grand, TAXSc2,grand,
voi, OBc5, wherein?
voim,LPRTc6, mighty?
voijiki, CLAc6, mighty,
voinup, CLAc4, own might,
voivinates,QUARc6, dragons,
von, AFc2, fortune,
vonos,EMc4, fortune,
voojim, EMb2-1, mighty
vor, NIc2, hymns,
voron-toe, EMc2, (foron), seed -main/seeds essence
vors, DPRTc1,over,
vorun, ACAMc7, seed,
vosin, OBc6e, truth expounding? vo-sin=mighty waters?
votask, ACAMc6, measurer,
vovi, OPc1,dragon,
vovina,CIALc7, the dragon,

za, EMb1-6,within, EMb2-6,within, EMb3-1-2,within, EMb3-1-4,within, OPc7,within, VXc3,within,OPRTc1,within,             ERANc1,within,
zakre, EMb2-1,movements
zakare, EMc7, move,
zam, MAPMc5, war, VXc7,war,VPRTc6,war,
zami, CLAc2,war, CLAc6,war, PEOALc6, war, ACAMc1,war, OPRT3,war,
zamran, EMc7, show yourselves,
zamta, NIc4, call,
zan, EMb3-1-5,finger, OSc7,finger, AFc4,finger, EMc5,finger, ACAMc6,finger,LPRTc4,finger, VPRTc4,finger,
zani, PDc2,finger, EMc3,finger, MIANc3,finger,
zanu, CIALc5,finger, OLc4, finger,
zar, EMb1-4,ways, EMb2-5, ways
zax, EMb1-6,the aethyr zax,EMb3-1-1, the aethyr,EMb3-1-10,the aethyr
zelami, NIc4, hands of power,
zem, CLAc6, overwhelms, OPc4,overruns,
zen, NIc0,sacrifice, NIc5, sacrifice, MIANc3,sacrifice,
zeniodra, MIANc2, master of sacrifice,
zi, OPRT3,finish,
zil, OLc5, stretch forth/flight,
zim, VXc1, enter,
zime, OSc5, enters,
zimi, TAXSc7, enter,
zimihe, CLAc4,entering,
zin, OSc5,waters, OBc2,waters,
zine, ACAMc7, waters,
zines, NIc6, move,
ZIP, PEOALc6, the aethyr, DARGc2,the aethyr? They not/ zod ip)
ziredo, MAPMc6, I am
znati, EMb3-1-7, wandering, (stressed)
zner, EMb2-1,swore
znorzulgi, EMb3-1-10, bring terrible curses,
zo, EMc6, visiting
zod, NIc4,them,
zoi, OSc4, perplexion, MAPMc1,perplexion, OXc2, perplexion, Oc1, oblivion, Oc4,oblivion, GAc4,oblivion,             DPRTc5,perplexion,ERANc1,perplexion,
ZOIGA, NIc7, most Holy no God,
zoija, QUARc0, no God,
zol, EMb0-1,hand, PEOALc5, hand, CIALc2,hand, CIALc4, hand,LPRTc3,hand,VPRTc3,hand,
zom, OSc5,wisdom, QUARc4,wisdom,
zoma,DAOXc5, wisdom,
zon, EMb1-3, forms, EMc3,forms, OPc7,form, VXc3,form, QUARc5,form, ERANc1,form,
zoni,DPRTc5, form,
zonos, PDc2, forms, PDc5, forms, EMc2,forms, OPc5,forms,

EMB1-6 Thata rami, keta sa sek vetha quati zel berathi keiin.

1-7 Pena, reti keon tara leane sefi keta ra te ti

2-5 Leta zar veiio kanatroja
2-5 perenu vasti kerestinu
2-7 ta

3-1-1, ,thari ket naria tala veiita. ,that shall be their lethal expansion and making,
3-1-3,Peria Keti= PERIAKETI = PARAKATI
3-1-6,quato-creation,replace with creator. pejonorak>pejo-norak
3-1-7,savani>sa vani, ront ka >ronto ka, not written into wordlist
3-1-9, noraki> no raki (a missing word) seg so SAK selig

3-2-2,periona>peri-ona, - nalimiati? dolomi>dolo-mi
3-2-4,peontorama> pe-onto-rama, ketinanu>keti-nanu ,rama coldness- regret? dolomani> dolo-mani, paj?

3-3-1, donoki,>do-noki satia=sati, mejnokila?mej-nokila,pejonora>pej-ono-ra
3-3-2,sa kila>sakila -my consumption .oppført,, ?>kani-KAL-mA -doront>dor-ont,
3-3-3,letina> leti NA
The worshipper of life is not allowed, as i find the Trinity split open and lit, also (not allowed) the black pouring of common fire(your excesses) such as howls.
3-3-4,la sa>lasa, --petina> peti NA -- gel?

3-4-2, .la huani ket dorOS, geri-sal-kina? nothora>no-tora, pel da pej>peji? cor sa>corsa?
3-5-1, sak PeNI PeNA dol parajo NOK di savjon.
3-5-2, uja, sak, olon> OL on,  miorakistal>mi-o-raki-stal,
3-5-4,tel-seats?determined? Napa-ra-kise ki ti> kiti,
3-5-5, doros> dor OS, dogorathi> dogo rathi

saj--EMB where?

The succession of the calls,

OS12  CLA456   PD33   MAPM9639  
AF19   PEOAL69639   EM9   ACAM7699  
NI28  OX26   CIAL9996  OP22 
DAOX5678   O5   GA31  OB28 
MIAN3663  VX42  OL24  QUAR1636 
1st flame DARG6739 2nd flame EMOD8763
3rd flame TAXS7336  flame of light ERAN6332

CLAc5, DI karas-mi filia nogul arin donuta pei athi pele-onto karia den-anie vanu OB. --den-anie?
PDc3 sati re onto kile paz zomia  ? providing smart filling bolt between brothers wisdom?

3:..pei odore na oliethun OS MAPM; pil de ogun-ratia.
 4: Nof fi nati f sokhurz li ma no, de avian bethors snokhi lame on te pirim abean. ?
PEOALc1 baraz(made our meeting with garments)removed, ors hales atiè of mapil? ma-pil? nikhurz?

EMcall6 removed: 6: The One walks upon matter, the sworn 24 (OL) hands are released and are the howling hands.
CIALc 3: Beria motu, lati de horia nes pi EM. ?
DAOXc2: ath veni dokors atho maja-pele-tonu. ?
DAOXc4 (..)Offering more of the understanding between impoundation; for the translucent seated flight
prepares by saying (removed)

GAc6, sat on da-mith, cors palan-teria of, ath anui onia NI.
OBc2, onu-tosia ?
OBc3 satinuji ol mibares sej, a-tan ro den otun kai mi-pars dol aj NI. ?
VXc3, ol motabe don svoi ? gof ef sof sa fanutas saiin caosgo
DARGc2: (As) They (are) not, the flight (goes on) with the strength in the middle. (removed)
DARGc3: To the (balanced) One of the pact with the Star of nothingness, the slave is the key to Imin (the white                           brother) reflected into the highest. (removed)
 EMODc5: Together in the Kingdom; which is the void and the released inner One; arising and whirling in this formulation of the work in the dome of the Sun that is the child; the good one. ? (parts removed,)

DPRTc4: 4: The pleasures in the robe of Justice is whirling, accepting the sentence and riches of Fire; being so framed;            making the Neither. The 19's mystery is also looking around here. (removed)

quadion, TAXSc3, kingdom, ?(qua-di-on/quat- di-on) removed -garments 3 made

NI 9. January 1992
EM 21 jan,

QUAR 9 feb
OX 29. march
VX 29. march

OB 29. april
ERAN 12. may
O : 12. June 1992
AF: Wednesday 17. june, 1992.
OP: 20. june
GA 20, june

MIAN     Tuesday 21 july, 1992
ACAM:  Tuesday 21. july 1992
CLA call, Tuesday 21 july, 1992

OS   5. november 1992

DAOX   7. December
EMOD 7. november
TAXS 9. December
DARG 9 December

MAPM 10. december
CIAL 10. Thursday December

PEOAL 11 December.
PD 11 Dec
DPRT 11Dec
VPRT 11 Dec

LPRT 12 Dec
OLPRT 12 Dec
OL 12 Dec