The English Alphabet

by Dean

The letters of the English Alphabet have "order and value" meaning that their gematric values have an inner meaning and their sequential numbers an outer meaning in relation to English Qaballah .  I have also found an assignment to the elements, dark elements, qualities, and group of twelve as per the faces and vertices of the Magus Gem .  I have listed the capitalized words from Liber L vel Legis, the capitalized words from the other class A material, and all of the words from Shiva's Saga starting with each letter.

A (1,1) Particular

Aiwass, Ankh-af-na-khonsu, Adorer, Accursed, Asar, Amn, Aum, Aye, Amen, Alphabet, Ah, Abrahadabra, Abomination, Abramelin, Ahathoor

All, Axle, Arab, -Ananda, Attainment, Above, Am, Ah, Astor, Aegean, Athens, Alone, Athenian, Ammon, Abyssinia, Altars, Amen, Anguish, Aeons, Al A'in, Apis, Apep, Abyss, Assembly, Anarchy, Ages, Adepts, Absolute, Atheism, Aphrodite, Abode, Adonai, Amrit, Asar, Adept, Averse, Asi, Awake, Ahathoor, Abaddon, Animal, Arcanum, Abominable, Ararita, Aormuzdi, Ahrimanes, Angel, Amennti, Abodes, Abominations, A.A., Apollo, Ancient, Adeptus, Adept, Aegypt

All, A, Awakening, Agent, Airt, Adrz, Action, Alignment, Asteroids, Agora, and, ages, absorbs, aid, about, are

Particular manifestation.

B (20,2) Glass

Behold, Beast, Book, Because, Bride, Beware, Battle, Bes-na-Maut, Buddhist, Bahlasti

Buddhists, Book, Beyond, Bacchus, Bedchamber, Beginning, Blood, Beloved, Bennu, Bird, Bliss, Buddha, Brothers, Black, Behold, Beetle, Brother, Blind, Bosom, Being, Barren, Beautiful, Babalon, Beast, Be, Baphomet, Bull, Birth, Begone, Beauty, Belts, Brilliance, Body

Beauty, Bear, Balance, Babalon, Beast, born, between, being, becoming, becomes, bowl

The agent as containing the means to be a manifestation of Hadit.

C (13,3) Female-Particular, Earth-Clay, The Asteroid Belt

Children, Circle, Chosen, Come, Conquest, Conquer, City, Concubine, Curse, Coph, Concealed

Conjuration, Cup, Coin, Change, -Chit-, Chaos, Chian, Citlaltepetl, Chamber, Chapel, Caligula, Caesar, Court, Cross, Crown, Crystal, Come, Circle, Concourse, Cohesion, Creation, Cow, Corinth, Consummation, Crocodile, Chinese, Consciousness, Conversation, Companion, Creature, City, Crowned, Child, Chain, Construction, Cubic, Closed, Chariot, College, Creator

Child, Choices, Cup, Calm, Caosgo, Coph, Children, creates, chosen, cycle, creation,! chooses, chaos, change, consumed, contains, comes, created, create

The body of Nuit as containing particulars reflecting the do of Do what thou wilt.

D (6,4) Order-Male, Air-Steel, Venus

Die, Delight, Death, Desolation, Din, Do, Double

Dagger, Death, Doric, Delos, Druids, Destroyer, Day, Darkness, Demiurge, Duant, Deep, Desire, Disruption, Dispersion, Division, Delightful, Doubt, Deed, Decay, Demon, Deva, Destruction, Divine

Dissolving, Desire, Dissolve, destroys, death, demons, dolphin, destruction, dances

Outward energy of Hadit containing the potential of movement.

E (25,5) Chaos

Earth, East, Equinox, Eternity, Exorcist, Empress, English, Eighties

Elephant, End, Eternity, Eros, Elevenfold, Emperor, Equinox, Enlightenment, Earth, Enemy, Embassy, Eternal, East, Emerald, Elements, Essence, Eighth, Eagle, Evil, Eye, Ecstasy, Exalted, Eleusis, Eyeless, Eightfold, Existence, Equilibrium, Everlasting, Equal, Essence, Exempt, Expansion, Eight, Enterer

Earth, Enlightenment, Egg, Eternity,! Energizing, Enabling, explores, eye, exalts, ecstasy, eagle, evolve

Means of creation as containing the potential to attract an agent to manifest through them.

F (18,6) Air

Five, Fool, Fates, Forties, Force

Falsehood, First, Form, Fear, Forms, Fire, Falutli, Forces, Foundation, Fairy, Future, Force, Fool, Far-off, Faith, Flaming, Fantasy, Folly, Four, Flame, Father, Fate, F.I.A.T., Functions

Force, Father, forth, free, finds, fills, forces, flesh, feast, fifteen, flows, forms

The agent's movement in the body of Nuit containing the potential for him/her to create particular expressions of Chokmah in the prima materia.

G (11,7) Female-Abstract, Water-Fabric, Saturn

Gods, God, Grades, GreatGrade, God, Gargantuan, Great, Goddess, Goat, Gods, Greek, Garden, Glory, Graal, Gladiator, Globe, Ghebers, Guardeth, Gates, Giant, Glacier

Gem, glows, guides, grows, good

Binah as connecting the Supernals and lower eight as 11.

H (4,8) Male-Abstract, Air-Glass, Mars

Had, Hadit, Hoor-paar-kraat, Heaven, Hermit, Hoor, Hieropantic, Ho, House, Heru-pa-kraath, Hierophant, Hell's, Holy, Hold, Harder, Heathen, Hrumachis, Hawk-Headed, Heru-ra-ha, Hoor-pa-kraat, Hawk's, Ha

His, He, Himself, Him, Hindu, Horus, Hathor, Heart, Holy, Horse, Horses, High, Hades, Heed, Holies, Heaven, Hell, Hermes, Horror, Head, Hawk, House, Holiest, Hoor, Her, Hadit, Harmony, Hope, Hercules

Heaven, has, house

Chokmah as active force containing Hadit.

I (23,9) Male-Particular, Fire-Steel, Jupiter

Infinite, I, Isa, Indian

Illusion, Incarnation, Infinity, Ipsissimus, I, Isis, Invisible, Ithuriel, Iao, Iacchus, Isle, Inverted, Imperial, Imal, Ibis-headed, Initiator, Imperfection, Infinite, Italy, Identity, Image, Ineffable, Iod, Initiation, Indus, It

Isana, It, Inspiration, is, in, inspires

The prima materia as containing the potential of individuality.

J (16,10) Chaos-Particular, Fire-Clay, Pluto

Jews, Jesus

Jew, Joy


The agent employing the means to manifest his/her particular movement in the body of Nuit.

K (9,11) Order-Particular, Earth-Steel, Mercury

Khabs, Khu, Knowledge, King, Kings, Kiblah, Ka, Khephra, Kaaba, Key

Kiss, King's, Knowledge, King, Khem, Kheph, Known, Kohl, Kingdom, KingsKooga, Kott, knows, known, know, kingdom

The 11 formula as connecting between Keter and Malkhut.

L (2,12) Order-Abstract, Air-Fabric, Sun

Law, Lover, Lord, Life, Light, Lurk

Love, Last, Law, Light, Life, Lover, Lord, Locusta, Lotus, Look, Left-hand, Land, Linea, Lilith, Last, Luminous, Logos, Lady, Lords, Lingam, Lion

Light, life, love, lust, lives, lightens

The particular agent as product of Hadit and Nuit as expression of agency

M (21,13) Earth

Middle, Manifestation, Magician, Must, Master, Mentu, Mohammed, Mongol, Mary, Me

Magus, Mother, Mystery, Magister, Man, Mercury, My, Mountain, Macedonia, Marsyas, Me, Mexico, Maidens, Messalina, Master, Mitre, Most, Many, Myself, Mohammed, Mine, Mysteries, Matter, Motion, Mati, Minute, Maker, Mate, Maim, Magician, Mitylene, Magistry, Midst, Moon, Millions, Mighty, Maat, M.A.A.T., Mount, Meru, Majesty, Masters, Mind, Milk

Moon, Mercury, Mars, Mother, meets, mule, made, mentors Particulars of the body of Nuit can be moved by the agent drawing on Binah.

N (14,14) Abstract

Nuit, None, Nu, Not, No, Nia

Nature, Nothing, Nerodha-, Night, N.O.X., Now, Nubian, Naked, Nile, North, Neapolitan, Nothingness, Not, No, Name, Nuit, Next, Naught, Nu, New, Nepthi, Neophyte

Neptune, Nia, name, nineteen, nut

The agent connecting through Binah becomes a particular expression of Hadit.

O (7,15) Chaos-Abstract, Water-Glass, Transpluto

O, One, Ox, Ordeal, Ompehda, Oh

Of, Original, Opening, O, Ophir, One, Osiris, Overworld, Olympas, Otherworld, Olalam, Odyssey, Omnipotent, Ocean, Ones, Opus, OAI, Oath, Our, Oak, Orders, Ordeals, Outer

Ogu, Oktk, Ordering, Om, of, opens, oak, olive

Choosing particular means in the body of Nuit as containing Binah's guidance.

P (26,16) Order

Perfect, Pointed, Power, Prophet

Pan, Practicus, Pertinax, Priapus, Pearl, Pain, Pyramid, Palace, Pregnant, Preparer, Path, Profane, Purity, Persecutions, Point, Phallus, Pan-pipe, Past, Power, Python, Poison, Play, Place, Philae, Ptah, Pearls, Pillar, Pylon, Palace, Pillars, Peradventure, Pharoah, Pe, Priestess, Pyramids, Priest, Pisacha, Preservation, Permutation, Perfection, Perdurabo, Philosophus, Plough, Profundity

Potential, Pluto, Possibilities, Paths, path, plays, parrot, pillars, play

The agent having particular movement in the body of Nuit contains the potential of the gold of the light of Binah containing the do of Do what thou wilt.

Q (19,17) Order-Female, Earth-Fabric, Earth


Queen, Qadosh

Particular expressions of Binah containing particular expressions of Keter.

R (12,18) Steel

Ra-Hoor-Khuit, Restriction, Red, Reason, Ritual, Ra-Hoor-Khu, Ra-Hoor-Khut, Ra, Ra's

Redemption, Roses, Ra, Revealer, Royal, Radiant, Ravens, Rapture, Ruby, Right, Ra-Hoor-Khuit, Ruddy, Rit! uals, Resurrection, Rays

Root, Riding, resistance, reaches, reveals

Particular expressions of Chokmah as active force containing the particular will of the agent as product of Hadit and Nuit.

S (5,19) Chaos-Female, Water-Clay, Neptune

Scarlet, Space, Stars, Sin, Star, Serpent, Sunset, Sun, Strength, Sight, Snake, Supreme, Silence

Seven, Spirits, Silence, Speech, Sorrow, Selflessness, Stability, Self, Sat-, -Samapati, Staff, Supernal, She, Spirit, Sleep, Stars, Statue, Sweet, Sacrifice, Spices, Secretest, Sacraments, Saxon, Sea, Spice, Sparrow, Secret, Sword, Space, Single, Strength, Stainless, Snake, Sun, Smooth, Silenus, Swan, Shame, Slime, Sand-glass, Symbol, Sebek, Slayer, Son, Source, Sapphire, Serpent, Shi-loh-am, Shadows, Spear, Soul, Splendour, Sphinx, She, Seb, Seal, Star, Scarlet, Seventy, Sekhet, Scarab, Silver, Supreme, Stone, Shells, Sixfold, Sphinxes, Stable

Shiva's, Saga, Shiva, Shakti, Stars, Sun, Snake, Strands, Spider, Saturn, Star, Silence, Sldmq, Scarlet, Sadyojata, seen, sees, shine, sheds, stands, shines, serve, suffused, sits, sigils, seed, shown, stand

Particular choices in the prima materia arising from the depth of all possibilities.

T (24,20) Chaos-Male, Fire-Glass, Uranus

Thebes, Thee, Thelemites, Three, To, The, That, Thou, Tahuti, Thrill, Tum, Theban, Ta-Nech

That, This, Truth, Three, Thee, Thou, Thy, Typhon, Thine, Thyself, Thebai, Thing, Titan, Time, Things, Tyrian, Tutulu, Theism, Temple, Tao, Terminus, Than, Theli, To, Towers, Treasure, Thought, Thunderbolt, Throne, Tahuti, Tooth, Triangle, Tree, Templi, Twelve, Thanksgiving, Trinity, Triads

The, Toramprezq, Tatpurusa, through, tiger, trees, teaches, throne

Hadit having means to manifest through the agent through the alignement of Hadit, Nuit, and agent.

U (17,21) Fabric


Unrighteousness, Universe, Us, Uranus, Union, Upper, Universal, Unknown, Unimaginable, Uraeus, Unite, Up, Ultimate, Unveiling, Unity

Uranus, upon, union

The agent's ability to act in particular ways combining Binah and the body of Nuit becomes a particular expression of Binah.

V (10,22) Fire

Vengeance, Victorious

Virgin, Visions, Verbum, Vitriol, Voice, V.V.V.V.V., Veiled, Vast, Vengeance, Void, Veil, Vessel, Vault, Victory, Viceregent

Virgin, Venus, Vamadeva

The agent realizing Hadit through the 11 formula has means to manifest.

W (3,23) Female

Woman, Who, Write, West, Which, Will, Why, Work, War, Withdraw, Wand, Word, Written

Wisdom, Worlds, Word, Wand, What, World, West, Wrong, White, Winged, Wrath, Work, Weak, Woman, Water, Who, Worm, Wheel, Waters, Worship, Words, Watchers, With, Warrior

World, Wisdom, way, walks, whore, with, was, walk

Individuality in the body of Nuit as the nature of the body of Nuit.

X (22,24) Male

The agent's ability to realize Hadit through the 11 formula leads to him/her in alignment with Hadit and Nuit

Y (15,25) Clay


Yea, Years, Yama, Yourself, Yoni, Yantra

Means attracting an an agent to act through them are chosen in the body of Nuit. 

Z (8,26) Water

Gold as the light of Binah containing Chokmah reflected through the lower eight.