The Magus Gem is first piece in an emerging system for sorting Grade of Magus words and associated currents. The words seem to come in pairs, a core one going with the gem and an outer one going with the initiatory actors. For example, Aleister Crowley's word TRINC goes with the gem and ABRHADABRA with the actors. Crowley associated his own work with the letter Chet, and his Heart of the Master contains a list of 14 spiritual figures that seem to fit with the following letters, i.e. Blavatsky with Tet, etc., and sayings going with the tarot trumps and by extension the letters (based on Crowley's slight variation of the GD assignment). Frater Achad's work fits with Zayin. Heh and Vav seem to fit with the spiritual awakenings of the 1960's and 70's. My own work fits with the letter Dalet. As Crowley foresaw (he called it horrifying), Dalet doesn't have a word per se. Rather, it fits with the process of creating words, or in this context the process of filling the gem with words. The results of my bringing these currents into the gem is as follows:

Dalet: SHARSHANDRAM as core word with BLIORDE as outer fit with a flow of energy from the Jupiter face to alternatively the Mercury or Pluto face. ELFANDROK as core word with FKOMRACOLAN as outer word fits with the Saturn face. BIHOBANA as core word with IMANDIXOR as outer word fits with a flow of energy from the Jupiter face to the Saturn face. These come from my own work and follow the pattern of Antares-Vega-Sirius.

Heh: This current fits with the Neptune and Pluto faces. It seems to have originated with A.O. Spare and passed from him to William Burroughs to Timothy Leary to me temporarily.

Vav: This current fits with a flow of energy from the Earth face to the Asteroids face to the Mercury face. It seems to fit with the popularization of Eastern spiritual methods among other things.

Zayin: The core word is Frater Achad's MA-ION. This current fits with the Earth face and alternatively the Saturn or Asteroids face.

Chet: The core word is Crowley's TRINC and outer word ABRAHADABRA. This current fits with the Sun and Saturn faces.

Tet: This current fits with a flow of energy from the Saturn face to the Mars face to the Jupiter face to the Asteroids face to the Earth face or from the Asteroids face to the Jupiter face to the Mars face to the Saturn face to the Earth face. Heart of the Master associates this with Helena Blavatsky, and it seems to fit with the understanding of deep aspects of creation as seen in her work, Alice Bailey's, etc.

Yod: This current fits with the Asteroids and Jupiter faces. Heart of the Master associates it with Christian Rosencrantz, and it does seem to have an association with alchemy and the quest for the philosopher' s stone as well as with the Enlightenment.

Kaph: This current fits with the Asteroids and Mercury faces. Heart of the Master associates it with Edward Kelley. It seems to fit with the origin of Protestantism, and associated notion of a personal relationship with God.

Lamed: This current fits with a flow of energy from the Mars face to the Jupiter face to the Uranus face to the Venus face. Heart of the Master associates it with Mohammed. Before the Crusades, the Muslim world was relatively open and cultured artistically and scientifically, whereas Europe was a backwater. The Crusades effected a switch, and this current fits with the flow to Eurpope, resulting in the Renaissance, etc.

Mem: This current fits with a flow of energy from the Saturn face to the Sun face. Heart of the Master associates this with Jacques de Molay. It fits with the change in Islam and is the most devotional current.

Nun: This current fits with a flow of energy from the Uranus, Jupiter, and Mars faces to the Sun face. Heart of the Master associates it with Plotinus, and it does seem to fit with the philosophical approach of Neoplatonism as well as philosophical forms of Hinduism and the like.

Samekh: This current is Mohammed's and fits with a flow of energy from the Mars face to the Saturn face to the Sun face. Heart of the Master associates it with Appolonius.

Ayin: This current is Jesus's and fits with a flow of energy from the Asteroids face to the Mercury face to the Venus face to the Mars face. Heart of the Master associates it with Osiris.

Peh: This current fits with the Mercury face and alternatively the Venus face or the Earth face. Heart of the Master associates it with Dionysus, and it does seem to fit with the Roman effort unite all the leading pagan gods into one hybrid. The outer word is IAO.

Tzaddi: This current fits with a flow of energy from the Saturn face to the Neptune face to the Asteroids face to the Earth face. Heart of the Master associates it with Pythagoras, and it does seem to have an intellectual bent to it and to fit with ancient Athens.

Koph: This current is Zoroaster's and fits with a cycle of energy from the Saturn face to the Mars face to the Jupiter face to the Asteroids face to the Saturn face and so on or the reverse. Heart of the Master associates it with Zoroaster.

Resh: This current is Buddha's and fits with the Mercury face. Heart of the Master associates it with Guatama.

Shin: This current fits with a flow of energy from the Sun face and Mercury face to the Venus face and Earth face and then down all four of these focusing into the Order vertex. Heart of the Master associates it with Lao Tse, though it actually seems to fit with an earlier pantheism initiated by Ganesh.

Tav: This fits with flows of energy from the chaos vertex to the order vertex, running through the Uranus and Venus faces, or the Transpluto and Sun faces, or the Neptune and Earth faces, or the Pluto and Mercury faces, or the Jupiter face preceeded and followed by the edges connecting it to the chaos and order vertices, or the Mars face preceeded and followed by the edges connecting it to the chaos and order vertices, or the Saturn face preceeded and followed by the edges connecting it to the chaos and order vertices, or the Asteroids face preceeded and followed by the edges connecting it to the chaos and order vertices. Heart of the Master associates it with Fu Hsi. It seems to be more ancient and primal than the others, having been initiated by Lucifer.

The currents whose letters have the same digits starting their gematric value seem to connect to some extent.

Resh and Kaph relate to Buddhism and Protestantism. Each has a greater austerity and more singular focus than what came before, while maintaining a connection with it.

Koph and Yod relate to Zoroastrianism which led to the Persian Empire and an alchemically-oriented current which led to the Enlightenment. Each involved a relatively small spiritual group and large political consequences.

Tzaddi and Tet relate to Greek philosophy (spread by the Macedonian Empire) and the Occult Revival of the late 19th and early 20th centuries (spread by the British Empire). Each involved useful knowledge amidst a large amount of verbiage.

Peh and Chet relate to the effort to unite the various pagan sun gods during the Roman Empire and to Aleister Crowley. The first involved an attempt to move focus from the astral to mental planes, the second a movement toward focus on the causal plane, each with a focus on the sun or the will as a driving force.

Ayin and Zayin relate to Christianity and to Frater Achad. These relate to Christ's entering and pulling back from the physical world. Crowley's influence on Achad seems to have led to a greater emphasis on attacking exoteric Christianity than on defining a new mode of spirituality.

Samekh and Vav relate to (pre-Crusades) Islam and to New Age adaptations of older practices such as Yoga. These emphasize personal virtue and the personal quest for spiritual progress respectively.

Nun and Heh relate to philosophic spirituality, especially as seen in philosophic Hinduism, and to the attempt to let the spiritual drive change in the world. These involve the intellect helping move from material to spiritual and spiritual to material respectively.

Tav relates to the initial movement of human spirits into physical bodies (see Ben Rowe's Book of Seniors) as initiated by Lucifer, Mem to post-Crusades Islam, and Dalet to my own work with its emphasis on expanding the range of spiritual directions available. These involve the movement of humanity into the physical, devotion within the physical, and the possiblity of movement into new realms.

Shin relates to pantheism, initiated by Ganesh, with land and animal spirits and the like developing into progressively more human gods, Lamed to the Renaissance, and Gimel to Christ's eventual return. There is a strong sense of beauty to all of these.

Working with the faces that go with the currents led to the discovery that the edges between the faces are significant for interpretation and also that the seniors which fit with the edges can be help people connect to the currents in relation to the gem. So, for example, the Heh current fits with the Neptune and Pluto faces, and the Clay-Chaos edge lies between these, so ACZINOR would be most appropriate in helping one connect. Of course, all of the seniors work with all of the currents.

The banner names and seniors going with the faces are:













This is seen in the particular currents as follows:

Tav: Flows of energy from the Chaos vertex to the Order vertex. In particular, these run down the Transpluto then Sun faces, Neptune then Earth faces, Pluto then Mercury faces, Uranus then Venus faces, Fire-Chaos edge (HIPOTGA) then Jupiter face then Steel-Order edge (AAOZAIF), Glass-Chaos edge (ADOEOET) then Mars face then Air-Order edge (ARINNAQ), Water-Chaos edge (LIGDISA0 then Saturn face then Fabric-Order edge (SAIINOV), and Clay-Chaos edge (ACZINOR) then Asteroid Belt face then Earth-Order edge (LIIANSA). The downward flow reflects falling into incarnation.

Shin: Flow from (Sun and Mercury) to (Venus and Earth) then to all four focusing into the order vertex. Between these are the edges Steel-Order (AAOZAIF), Air-Order (ARINNAQ), Fabric-Order (SAIINOV), and Earth-Order (LIIANSA). This current is tying back into the Worldspirit's influence, reflected by Order on the gem.

Resh: Mercury face. Obviously, no edge has faces on both sides involved, but the seniors around the Mercury face may be called. This seems originally to have pertained to trying to create a single well-defined path for everyone, but may be reinvented as each individual creating his or her own particular path.

Koph: Cycling Saturn-Mars-Jupiter-Asteroid Belt-Saturn-etc. or the reverse. Again, no edges have faces on both side involved, but those around each face may be called, and the banner names may allow a connection to the cycling. This involves processing in an intermediate level.

Tzaddi: Saturn to Neptune to Asteroid belt to Earth. These connect across Water-Female (SONIZNT), Clay-Female (LAIDROM), and Earth-Female (ALHCTGA). Female energy reaches from the abstract into the chaotic to draw forth something particular that can be made manifest.

Peh: (Mercury and Venus) or (Mercury and Earth). These connect across Steel-Order (AAOZAIF) and Earth-Order (LIIANSA) respectively. These pertain to actions within the laws of nature, and to sacrifice in a broad sense.

Ayin: Asteroid Belt to Mercury to Venus to Mars. These connect across Earth-Particular (AHMLICV), Steel-Order (AAOZAIF), and Air-Male (AAPDOCE). These three transitions seem to correspond to incarnation, crucifiction, and resurrection.

Samekh: Mars to Saturn to Earth. The second pair connect across Fabric-Female (LAOAXRP). Abstract creation becomes part of order through female.

Nun: (Uranus, Jupiter, and Mars) to Sun. Within the first three are connections across Fire-Male (AVTOTAR) and Glass-Male (AAETPIO), and Mars connects to the Sun across Air-Abstract (ANODOIN). Male influences enter order through abstraction/philosophy.

Mem: Saturn to Sun. These connect across Fabric-Abstract (LSRAHPM). Deeper layers drive things.

Lamed: Mars to Jupiter to Uranus to Venus. The middle pair connects across Fire-Male (AVTOTAR). Male leading to inspiration and action.

Kaph: Asteroids and Mercury. These connect across Earth-Particular (AHMLICV). This relates to the individual person as concrete receptacle for higher influence.

Yod: Asteroids and Jupiter. Again, no edges have faces on both side involved, but those around each face may be called. This relates to particular avenues and forms for energy to flow through.

Tet: Saturn to Mars to Jupiter to Asteroids to Earth or Asteroids to Jupiter to Mars to Saturn to Earth. The final pairs connect across Earth-Female (ALHCTGA) and Fabric-Female (LAOAXRP) respectively. This relates to processing in the middle giving rise to concrete results.

Chet: Sun and Saturn. These connect across Fabric-Abstract (LSRAHPM). This relates to reaching and acting from progressively deeper layers of pattern.

Zayin: (Earth and Asteroids) or (Earth and Saturn). These connect across Earth-Female (ALHCTGA) and Fabric-Female (LAOAXRP) respectively. These reflect Christ's influence without male force behind it, the former to passivity in direct action, the latter to ongoing abstract pattern.

Vav: Earth to Asteroids to Mercury. These connect across Earth-Female (ALHCTGA) and Earth-Particular (AHMLICV). The faces connect the element Earth to the three adjacent dark elements: Fabric, Clay, and Steel respectively. This suggests starting with existing patterns, seeing openings for emergent patterns, and then acting upon these new patterns. The Vav and Heh currents have manifested strangely relative to their Hebrew letters. Whereas the letter Vav might naturally be associated with the emergent patterns per se, the current is concerned with finding ways to ground and manifest them rather than with where they come from.

Heh: Neptune and Pluto. These connect across Clay-Chaos (ACZINOR). This relates to chaos finding ways to manifest, creating forms and causing change. Again, whereas one might expect the letter Heh to relate to the details of manifestation, the current is concerned with finding opportunities to exert leverage and then leaving them to play out.

Dalet: The Antares Tree (SHARSHANDRAM/BLIORDE) fits with (Jupiter and Mercury) or (Jupiter and Pluto). These connect across Steel-Particular (HABIORO) and Fire-Particular (AHAOZPI) respectively. These pertain to the individual actor deciding between becoming a force on Earth or departing for another system.

The Vega Tree (ELFANDROK/FKOMRACOLAN) fits with Saturn. It relates to working within formative energies.

The Sirius Tree (BIHOBANA/IMANDIXOR) fits with energy flowing from Jupiter to Saturn. It relates to individual creative output becoming part of general formative patterns.

There is a basic division of the gem into layers, the top four faces connecting to Chaos, the middle four, and the bottom four connecting to Order. The Shin and Koph currents help define this division, Shin fitting with the bottom four and Koph the middle four. The AF-related current will likely mirror Shin's on top. Shin initially related to the evolution from pantheism with animal spirits and the like through progressively more human deities. It is now shifting to being about connection with the Worldspirit. Other currents' connections to the Worldspirit are likely to emphasize their relationship to the bottom layer. Koph features energy cycling around the middle layer in either direction. My sense is that the emphasis is on the cycling rather than on there being a formula defined by the faces. Tet likewise involves a cycle around the middle, either direction, which is then grounded into the Earth face. The top layer has so far featured rarely, and the result is that the middle faces have been weighted toward the bottom (Order) element/ dark element, something which is now shifting.

Sun (Order-Abstract): This faces relates to a general capacity to organize. It and Mercury begin the Shin current, indicating ordering arising from the bottom level. The Nun and Mem currents feature energy flowing into the Sun face, indicating ordering capacity as directed by energy flowing from above, with a male emphasis in the Nun case and female in the Mem. Chet features the Sun and Saturn faces together, indicating a flexibility in how influence flows between them.

Mercury (Order-Particular): This face relates to finding or forging a particular spiritual path. In relation to Shin, this gives specificity to what the Sun is doing. This is the only face for Resh, which means that the way that current changes is indicative of general changes for the face. Whereas Buddha went in for the notion of everyone following a single narrow path, this is now moving towards each individual choosing how to shape his or her own path. Mercury combines with Venus or Earth for the Peh path, indicating established rituals and practices fitting with each, which now also allow greater flexibility and variation. In relation to Ayin, Mercury indicates Jesus as the particular person incarnating Christ. This may evolve into a broader notion of incarnation. For Kaph, Mercury combines with the Asteroids, again indicating particular rituals or spiritual practices. For Vav, influence flows from Earth to the Asteroids to Mercury, Mercury indicating patterns or practices created by the process. For Dalet (Antares), energy flows from Jupiter to either Pluto or Mercury, indicating a choice between remaining on Earth as an evolved being or departing, Mercury indicating the spiritual possibilities generated by the first choice.

Venus (Order-Male): This face relates to functional creativity. Venus combined with Earth come second in relation to Shin, indicating the appearance of spiritual actors within the creative space defined by the Sun and Mercury, It seems to initially have related specifically to animal spirits. For Peh, Venus combines with Mercury giving a sense of sacrifice. This seems initially to have emphasized animal sacrifice, though a broader concept applies. The flow from Mercury to Venus for Ayin seems to relate to the Crucifiction, which can be seen as a physical sacrifice but also as a sacrifice of ego. This sense of sacrifice of ego through ritual, dance, art, etc. seems to better fit the current direction. For Lamed, Venus relates to the manifest art of the Renaissance and subsequently.

Earth (Order-Female): This face relates to fitting within the Earth's order. It appears in Shin as female balance to Venus. The Tzaddi, Samekh, and Tet currents all feature energy flowing into the Earth face, indicating that the creative processes involved are oriented towards things that will fit naturally into the order of things. For Zayin, Earth combines with the Asteroids or Saturn, indicating in different ways of Christ withdrawing into a passive relationship with the order of things. For Vav, the energy starts with Earth and moves to the Asteroids and then Mercury, indicating finding things in the existing order which can be combined with new influences to give new paths.

Mars (Male-Abstract): This face relates to causation. Weighted toward Air, it fits with the notion of word made incarnate, but balancing Air and Glass it fits with making words and incarnating them. Ayin concludes with Mars, indicating Christ's ascension. The Samekh, Nun, and Lamed currents (three of the four following Ayin) all begin with a flow from Mars, indicating various ways this root causation can be manifested. In Nun's case, this is in direct combination with Uranus and Jupiter, though the flow into the Sun face is across an edge with the Mars face, giving an emphasis on Mars in terms of how this is seen below.

The Asteroids (Female-Particular): This face relates to ways of manifestation. Weighted toward Earth, it relates to well-defined forms, but balancing Earth and Clay indicates more flexiblity in the origin and shape of forms. For Tzaddi, this shapes the chaos of Neptune into ritual or artistic forms fitting with Earth. For Ayin, the Asteroids indicates Christ in passive form before incarnation. For Kaph, the variety of the Asteroids is shaped into solid receptacles by Mercury. For Yod, the Asteroids indicate the particular practices of alchemy, ceremonial magic, and the like, and also the particular structures of democracy, human rights, and economic freedom that grew out of the Enlightenment. For Zayin, the Asteroids fit with Earth to indicate Christ as passive potential. For Vav, the Asteroids indicate new patterns which can be used to form new paths and patterns.

Jupiter (Male-Particular): This face relates to particular will. Weighted toward Steel, this indicates a person on a well-defined path, but balancing Steel and Fire indicates a person effecting spiritual goals in more flexible ways. For Nun, Jupiter combines with Mars and Uranus, indicating male energy that combines and transcends abstract and particular. For Lamed, Jupiter indicates the individual driven to seek inspiration and manifest it. For Yod, Jupiter indicates the goal of individual initiation of alchemy, ceremonial magic, and the like, and the ideal of individual freedom of the Enlightenment. For Dalet (Antares), Jupiter represents the individual making the choice. For Dalet (Sirius), the flow from Jupiter to Saturn indicates the individual creative energy becoming part of general patterns.

Saturn (Female-Abstract): This face relates to the general patterns of the Earth. Weighted toward Fabric this indicates long-established patterns, but balancing Fabric and Water indicates a mixing of established patterns with new ones. Tzaddi starts with Saturn, indicating that these patterns give rise to the creativity of the current. For Samekh, Saturn sits between the flow from Mars and to Earth, indicating that it shapes creative impetus into something that fits with Earth. For Mem, there is a flow from Saturn to Sun, indicating patterns giving rise to organizing activity. Since Samekh and Mem pertain to pre- and post-Crusades Islam, this is a case of two currents already having a strong connection through a particular face. For Chet, Saturn and Sun combine, giving flexiblity in how they interact. Dalet (Vega) goes with the Saturn face exclusively. It fits with the 16 Paths material which may have a lot to do with how Saturn manifests in the future. For Dalet (Sirius), the Jupiter energy flows into Saturn indicating the general patterns into which individual creative energies flow.

Uranus (Chaos-Male): This face relates to an unbridled male spark. Tav's flow connects it to Venus. For Nun, Uranus is the spark connecting the abstract and particular forms of male energy. For Lamed, Uranus in the spark inspiring art.

Neptune (Chaos-Female): This face relates to change given form. Tav's flow connects it to Earth. For Tzaddi, this fits with moving from the abstract patterns of Saturn to a more open perspective, giving rise to the particular forms of the Asteroids which manifest in Earth. For Heh, this fits with forms which shape the process of change.

Pluto (Chaos-Particular): This face relates to causing major change. Tav's flow connects it to Mercury. In relation to Heh, this is the change being shaped. In relation to Dalet (Antares), this indicates the change for one departing the Earth as well as the change driven by what he leaves behind. These two uses of the face are directly connected, Heh being concerned with making constructive use of what is left behind. To date, the Heh current has had a distinctly libertarian bent to it, reflecting the energies and outlook of a being who departed in the 1990's after acting as my HGA. The planned departure of most of the Black School will add a whole new set of energies and inclinations to the mix.

Transpluto (Chaos-Abstract): This face relates to the general capacity for change. Tav's flow connects it to the Sun.